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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

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Page 56

    The township of Eaton at first included the western half of the present
township. It was not until 1869 that the present boundaries were finally
While the western half of Liberty was still a part of Eaton, school districts
were or-
ganized and numbered in proper sequence. The present school districts of
Eaton have
missing district numbers because the original Eaton territory included the
district organizations: Eaton 1, Eaton 2 (now Liberty Jt. 2), Eaton 3 (now
Liberty 2),
Eaton 4 (now Liberty Jt. 4), Eaton 5 (now Eaton 3), Eaton 6 (now Eaton Jt.
1), Eaton
Jt. 7 (now Rockland Jt. 2), and Eaton Jt. 8. Some of the districts were re-numbered
years passed. The present Eaton 4 was not organized until 1894.
                      EATON NO. 1- NILES SCHOOL
                                 Marion Miley
    Eaton School District No. 1
was organized about 1854. At
that time, according to the Ea-
ton Assesment Roll, the district
was made up of the S½ of Sec-
tion 10, all of Sections 11, 12,
14, 15, and 11 of Section 13 ex-
cept the SE¾4. During the suc-
ceeding years the Rolls show
constant changing of boundary
lines while the other districts
were being organized. Today
the district is made up of the
W½ of the SW¼4 of Section 3;
the SE¼4 of Section 4; the E½
of Section 9; all of Sections 10,
11, 14, and 15; and parts of
Sections 12, 13, and 16.
    Eaton District No. 1 is known as the Niles School. It has always been
known by
that name .,It was given that name because the land on which the school was
was purchased from Delia Niles. Some of the other settlers of that time,
according to
the Assessment Roll, were T. Noonan, P. Dowd, F. M. Boucher, P. Burke, J.
M. Cur-
tiss, N. K. Johnson, the Tylers, Tosten Knutson, Nels Swenson, A. Severson,
Murdock, John Eastwood, and C. Schwalbe.
    Information concerning the first school is limited due to the fact that
no records
are available. The first school in Eaton was taught in 1854 by Miss Therese
Mott in
her mother's home, which was about one-fourth mile east of the present school
ing. The Herald-Times of 1931 printed an interview with Knute Gulhaug, who
an old resident of this district. In this interview Mr. Gulhaug stated that
the first
school building was erected sometime between 1855 and 1860. It was located
eighty rods west of the present site on a piece of land which was a part
of the Tyler
farm now owned by Mrs. P. W. Donovan. He stated that the school house was
of rough, unhewn logs, and was a small, almost square building built on the
side of the present highway. There is no record of what was done with the
after it was abandoned.
    The second school, the present building, was erected in 1871 for about
$600. It is
said that Herman W. Tyler helped build this school and taught the first term
in it.
Teacher records in. the County Superintendent's office verify the fact that
Mr. Tyler
taught the school in the winter of 1872-73. According to Mr. Gulhaug the
school was
built by Mack Tyler and Ed. Balwing. The school was constructed of pine lumber
cut from four pine trees taken from the Johnson woods. The present site can
be described: North 450 feet of the west 207 feet of the NW¼4 of the
NE¼4 of section 15.
It now contains 2.11 acres. The school room furniture and equipment were
of the
types common to the schools of that period. Since the erection of this school
changes have been made. When the present Highway 151 was constructed, land
taken from the northern side of the school yard. To compensate for this,
the State
purchased and added land to its southern boundary. New equipment and conveniences
were installed as the years passed. In 1895 new blackboards were added; a
bell purchased in 1903; a ventilation system installed in 1907; movable desks
added in 1911; and electric lights were installed in 1939.

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