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Rappel, Joseph J. / A centennial history of the Manitowoc County school districts and its public school system, 1848-1948

School administration town, county, and city school superintendents,   pp. 6-7 PDF (891.9 KB)

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from the town, city, and village clerks abstracts of the reports of the several
clerks and to transmit the same, with such other information as he might
deem advis-
able or as might be required of him, to the state superintendent; and to
perform such
other duties as were required by law, or by the state superintendent of public
tion. The present duties and responsibilities are so manifold that only a
statute book
can do justice to importance of this county school official.
    The following people served as county superintendent of schools since
the county
superintendency law went into effect qp January 1, ,862:
                   R. J. Valkenburg -------------------- 1861-1862
                   C. S. Canright- ---------------- 1862-1863,
                   J. W. Thombs --------------------- _1863-1864   -
                   J. A, Crowley ---------.--------- _1864-1869
                   Michael Kirwan --------------     1869-1875
                   W. A. Walker -------------------1-- 1875-1879
                   C. F. Viebahn -------------------- ý_1879-1880
                   John Nagle -------------- --------1880-1891
                   C. E. Patzer --------------------891-1895         .
                   A. W. Dassler ---------------------- 1895-1897
                   E. R. Smith__------------------------- 1897-1899
                   F. C. Christiansen --------------  1899-1904
                   W. E. Larson --------------------1904-1909
                   C. W. Meisnest --------------------- 1909-1917
                   J. W. Voboril: ..-.. ------------------ 1917-1920 .
                 - Lillian L, Chloupek----  --------- 1920-1926
                   E. S.- Mueller--_ .......-------- 1926-1945
                   Jos. J. Rappel -.------------------- 1945-
    All of the schools within Manitowoc county remained under the jurisdiction
the county superintendent of schools until city school systems were established.
first city to set up its own school system was Two Rivers in 1905 when S.
E. Pearson
was appointed city superintendent of schools and high school principal. City
intendents have never been elected by the direct vote of the people, but
have beeen
appointed by the city school board. These appointed officials were selected
on the basis
of their teaching qualifications and leadership in the profession. Their
term is usually
for three year periods and their salaries far above that paid the elected
county super-
intendent. The Two Rivers city superintendents from 1905 to 1948 were: S.E.
son, W. I. Hamilton, W. T. Darling, F. G. Bishop, and Geo. MX O'Brien. Manitowoc
city, adopting the city school system in 1910, has had P, X. Zimmers, Elmer
Hugh Bonqr, and Lee H. Lamb as city superintendents up to 1948. Kiel set
up its
own city ,school system in,1947 with Russell S, Way'as its first city superintendent.
ly 1st of that year. The two year term remaine(-14in effect until 1929 when
year term was voted by the state legislature. At various times, since 1862,
igitation has been carried on to take the selection of the county superintendent
the hands of the electors and to make the office an appointive one, but all
have failed up to 1948.
he act creating the office of county superintendent of schools failed, to
set up
ications for that official. Prior to 1895, the county superintendent's'qualifica-
was to be a voter in the county. All except maybe one or two of the first
county school superintendents were qualified teachers when elected. After
son aspiring to that office, was by legislative act, required to have a minimum
nty superintendent's certificate, or any form of state certificate,- and
a minimum
ht months' teaching experience in a Wisconsin public school. In 1929, the
,raised the qualifications to an unlimited state certificate entitling him
to teach
y public school in Wisconsin. In 1944, the qualifications were further raised
st four years of scholastic training equivalent to a college degree.
he duties of the county superintendent of schools in 1862 were to examine
e teachers; to visit and inspect schools; to organize and conduct at least
one in-
e for the instruction of teachers each year; to encourage teachers' associations;
xoduce to the notice of teachers the best modes of instruction; and to give
to dis-
boards the most approved plans of building and ventilating schoolhouses;
to re-
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