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Appleton review
Vol. 1, no. 11 (March 28, 1930)

[Appleton review. Vol. 1, no. 11: March 28, 1930],   pp. [unnumbered]-20 PDF (13.4 MB)

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MJrch 28, 1930
    by Arthur Brisbane
 Federal Reserve Advises
 Russia Answers the Pope
 In A. D. 1001930
 angsters, Cruel, Silent
   Los Angeles.-The  federal reserw
 chief tells business to go ahead boldly
 showing more initiative, less hesitancy
   Excellent advice. Business will ad
 vise the federal reserve, when and i:
 prosperity booms again, to be less en
 thusiastic about promoting usury, an(
 run the federal reserve more like
 banking institution, less like a pawn
 Reserve board financiers that force&
 15 to 20 per cent interest rates, hand
 ing hundreds of millions to  money
 lenders and adding thousands of mil
 lions in value, temporarily, to inflated
 bank stocks, need advice as much a,
 any business man needs it.
 Russia, inflamed by the pope's pro-
 test against atheistic propaganda, re
 taliates in vindictive fashion. In the
 Minsk district a fund is started tc
 build an airplane, presumably for war,
 to be called "Our Answer to Pope
 Pius." And from  the Veronesh dis-
 trict workers send to the industrial
 fund at Moscow ten carloads of church
 bells, sacred images, crucifixes, etc., to
 be melted down.  That shipment is
 called "an answer to the pope."
 One item of news will be remem-
 bered a million, and ten million, years
 Nothing else in our age will be of
 the slightest consequence, even 100,000
 years from now.
 The news that will outlast recollec-
 tion of this age of industrial and finan-
 cial barbarism is the discovery of an-
 other planet in our solar family, sail-
 ing around outside the orbit of Nep-
 Earth dwellers in the year one mil-
 lion nineteen hundred and thirty, as
 they converse in the ozone area, thirty
 miles above the earth, will wonder
 how such primitive beings as ourselves
 could have discovered that planet.
 Similarly, we wonder how primitive
 cave dwellers could have made those
 interesting pictures of rhinoceroses and
 Gangsters are  not  kind  to  each
 John ("Billiken,,) Rito, described
 by police as "a bootleg racketeer,"
 member of the "Bugs" Moran gang,
 lie, in the morgue. Wires with which
his arms, hands and ankles were bound
when he was taken out of the Chicago
river have been removed. The police
wonder who burned the tips of his
fingers in the process of torturing him
beore he was murdered, and why they
did it. They will never know.
  Racketeers kill, and don't talk.
  01of links, daily dozens, radio set-
t1RgilP exercises and other devices
are designed for the man who leads a
       FRANK F. KOCH
Developing, Printing and Enlarging
       231 E. College Ave.
sedentary   life  physically.  Ediso
wants to know: "What about the ma
mentally sedentary and inactive? Wh
will plan something for him?"   Man'
millions need to be called early on th
radio with this question: "How lon,
is it since you have exercised you
mind?    How    much  reading  wort'
while do you do, and how much d(
you think as you read?" It is mental
not physical, inactivity that hurts
  The   Union   Pacific railroad ha
bought $500,000 worth   of fine nev
motor omnibusses. Railroad men havy
passed the phase of contempt for au
tomobiles. The Union Pacific will usi
22 new omnibusses between Chicago
and Los Angeles, 11 between Portland
Spokane, Boise and Salt Lake City.
  What people think decides what they
are. Prosperity is to a considerable
extent a matter of psychology.
  Once a man was fastened in a chair
his feet put in warm water, and as E
practical joke he was shown a razoi
of which the blunt end was drawi
across the soles of his bare feet. He
was told, "You will bleed to death
painlessly in this warm water." He
didn't lose a drop of blood, but he died
  Don't let prosperity die in that fash
ion, killed by imagination.
  Mr. Edison is hopeful about a rub.
ber supply from goldenrod. Chemists
who think it ought to be done by some
synthetic process and victims of hay
fever are less optimistic.
  The   great  inventor, eighty-three
years old, says he wants only five
years more to finish this job, and
doesn't ask to live one hundred years.
  The death of Primo de Rivera, for-
mer Spanish dictator, killed by heart
disease, reminds you that being dicta-
tor is a wearing job. It takes such
a man as Mussolini to stand it for a
long time.
  The Italian ruler establishes a "mi-
nor'' class of citizen, not obliged to
enter the Italian army.
  'This is planned to keep Italians in
foreign countries interested in Italy.
  Wise Mussolini.
  President Hoover, like a good fam-
ily doctor for the nation, says nothing
or says things that are encouraging.
There is a great deal of value in that.
Buy what you want, beginning with
a good automobile; buy it now and
hen .enjoy it now. Life does not last
forever. Keep it busy, and full.
       GEO. E. MADER
 Kresge Bldg.             Phone 22
 110-112 W. College Ave.   or 2232
              Quality Service
                Pressing SOe
%   i.      HOTEL NORTHERN
   Tel. 255$--We Call for and Deover
            Open Evenings
   A. Clark    Props.    W. Koss
                  AT MICHIGAN U
  Harlan L. Hackbert, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Paul L. Ilackbert, Prospect Ave.,
a senior in the Law school of the Uni-
versity of Michigan, was honored this
week in being elected to the Order of
the Coif, a national law school honor
society founded for the purpose of en-
couraging legal scholarship and of ad-
vaneing the ethical standards of the
egal profession. Its members are se-
ected during the second semester of
each year by the faculty from the ten
per cent of the third year class who
rank highest in scholarship. Mr. Hack-
bert is a graduate of the Appleton High
chool and Lawrence college.
 Another long-standing case of in_
 ustice to a World war veteran has
been cleared up through the persistence
)f Representative George J. Schneider
)f Appleton.
In addition to eontinued compensa-
ion and insurance benefits for total
Then slow down at our shop
and let us look your brakes
over. Probably they need
relining. We are equipped
to take care of you.
Milhaupt Spring
      & Auto Co.
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        Brake Service"
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a very important thing In boys' clothes-but style cannot last
unless the clothes are mnide right. The makers of our suits for
boys have done everything p'ossible to make the Spring Suits look
better and wear longer. The KInicker Suits are leather reinforced
Where hardest strain oomes.
  Save the strain on your pocketbook by buying for your boy Suits
that are built to stand the strain of lively boys.
                    TWO KNICKER SUITS
                      $10 to $20
                  TWO LONG PANTS SUITS
                  $16.50 to $25
  Thiede Good Clothes
ermanent disability, Vernon E. Rap-
ager of Dale will get more than $3,000
ack pay from the Veterans' bureau,
nd perhaps will be able with it to get
he home for his wife and baby that
e wants.
Charlotte Tracy, Norman Pope, and
ucille Buck presented topics at the
lonthly program of the Bible class of
t. Matthew church Tuesday evening,
        J. R. ZICKLER
  Also ENetric Shoe Repairing
  Tel. 349    126 S. Walnut St.
         Appleton, Wis.

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