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Commemorative biographical record of the Fox River Valley counties of Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families

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fair education, considering tile advantages,
or rather disadvantages, of the primitive
period of his boyhood, lie did more to
preserve the history of Wisconsin than
any other mlan, and furnished valhable
material to the State Historical Society.
He Was a grandson of Charles Langlade,
a very prominent man in his day and
one of the first of the Caucasian race to
plant his foot on Wisconsin soil, an ex-
haustive sketch of whoml is preserved by
the Historical Society.  Augustii (;rig-
non 0 Was a lieutenant in the war of 18 12,
and a captain in the Black Hawk war.
He married Nancy McRae, and five chil-
dren were born to them, viz.: Margaret,
who married Ebenezer Childs, of 1)e-
Pere, who was a member of the Legisla-
ture from   Brown county; Charles A.,
subject of this sketch; Alexander, who
was an attorney by profession and also a
fur trader, died in SShawano, \Vis. ; Sophia,
who became the wife of Louis Portier,
and resided in \Viniebago county, where
she died, and where he is yet living; and
Pelete, who (lied in Winnebago county
when young.
    Pierre Grignon, father of Augustin,
 was a son of Governor (Grignon, of Bire-
 tagne, France, and of a daughter of
 Madame I)e Sevigx ea, a name not unfa-
 miliar to the literary world. By his mar-
 riage wxith Miss ILanglade, dlaughter of
 Charles Ianglade, above referred to,
 Pierre Grignon had nine children, named
 respectively: Pierre Antoine, Charles,
 Augustin, Louii,- Baptiste, I)omitelle,
 Marguerite, Hippolyta and Amable. The
 father of these died in 1797, two days
 prior to the birth of his youngest child.
 His wife sorvi ved hini many years, and is
 Yet rememlbered as a most exemplary
 woxman, a good friend to the needy, and
 whose home xxas a sanctuary where rich
 and poor alike, before the days of churches
 in this region, c(-mregated for religious
 services. For her second husband she
 married, in i8o6, John B. Laangerin.
 IPierre Griglnon had two or more of his
 children educated at Montreal, Canada,
and intended that the rest of his family
should finish their education there, but
such plans were frustrated by his death.
Of the sons, Pierre Antoine and Louis
settled ili Green Bay, Wis., where are to
be found their descendants.
   Charles A. Grignon, the subject proper
of this sketch, was reared and educated in
Kaukauna to the age of sixteen, at which
time he moved to Green Bay, where for
twvelve years he served as clerk and head
clerk, successively, for D)aniel Whitney,
whose service he left to fill a government
appointment in Washington; I). C., and
as soon as again free he returned to Green
Bay, where he embarked in mercantile
business for his own occount. This he
continued for several years, at the same
time, in connection with his father, hav-
ing a trading post at Grand Kakalin (Kau-
kauna), where in after years, in 1837, he
came to live xvith his family. They had
also a trading post at Butte des Morts,
in WVinnebago county, and for many
years our subject wvas United States in-
terpreter for the Indians.   He was a
notary public, and for some years was
county treasurer for Outagaine county.
In course of time he retired from com-
miercial life, and lived comparatively re-
tiredt up to his death, which took place in
the spring of 1862, in Kaukauna.
    In 1837 Mr. Grignon was united in
marriage, in Green Bay, with Miss Mary
El. Meade, xvho was born in Harrisburg,
Penn., a dlaughter of David P. and Lydia
(Waile) Meade, natives of Ireland, but
reared in Pennsylvania, where they were
married; the mother (tied in that State,
after xvhich event the father moved, in
i838, to Green Bay, \Vis., later coming
to Kaukauna, where he died April 16,
1857. They were the parents of four
children, viz. : Catherine, wife of George
\V. Lawe, the "Father of Kaukauna:"
Mary E., Mrs. Charles A. Grignon; John
F., xwho became an early settler of Green
Bay, where he was a merchant for some
time, also dealing in real estate (at one
time he was a member of the legislature

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