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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Mann, John P.
"Readin', 'ritin' and 'rithmetic",   pp. 186-207 PDF (9.8 MB)

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building. An addition was added 12 years
  In 1926 the vocational school was
opened up at Kimberly to take care of
classes in trade, industry, sewing and cook-
ing. The Vocational School had an en-
rollment of 215 during 1947 and 1948.
  Also in 1926 the board decided to es-
tablish a four year high school. At the
present time the high school has an en-
rollment of approximately 275 students
and the grade enrollment is 125. The work
now includes departments in kindergar-
ten, elementary school, four years of high
school and the vocational school. Besides
the regular academic work the school
offers work in industrial arts, homemak-
ing, commercial, health, physical educa-
tion, art and a music program. The school
has a faculty of 17 teachers.
  Improvement plans for 1948 schedule
the building of a new community athletic
field including a quarter mile cinder track,
together with a lighted field for base-
ball, football and softball.
  The first school district of which Sey-
mour was a part was formed May 12,
1860, and was called District Two of Os-
born. The site for the schoolhouse was
not surveyed until April, 1861, and the
schoolhouse was situa'ted about a half
mile west of the south end of Main Street.
The building served many purposes and
was used for Sunday School and church
services, town meetings and general pub-
lic gatherings. This first district included
all of the Town of Seymour and a portion
of the Town of Osborn. After the separa-
tion of Seymour from Osborn this school
was continued as a joint district until
May, 1869, when it was dissolved and new
districts formed. Sometime during that
year the old log schoolhouse was sold to
the highest cash bidder for a price of
$28.66 and was afterward used for a
  A portion of the city of Seymour, to-
gether with portions of the Towns of
Osborn and Seymour, were included in a
joint district until 1887, when by an
act of the Legislature the territory within
the city limits was made one school dis-
trict. A building was procured which was
remodeled; in it both the grade school and
the high school were established with a
combined faculty of four teachers.
  Merritt L. Campbell was appointed
principal of the high school and a three
year course of study was offered. The first
graduates who received their diplomas in
the spring of 1890 were Charles R. Prosser
of Seymour, N. J. Stewart of Green Bay
and A. C. Walch of Manawa. With the
exception of the year 1891, a class has been
graduated each year and a total of 1,312
persons have received diplomas from the
high school. The first persons to complete
the four year course received their diplo-
mas in 1896.
  Mr. Campbell was succeeded by one,
Professor Schmidt, who headed the school
for six or seven years. F. W. Axley was
appointed principal of the school in the
fall of 1899 and completed a remarkable
term of thirty years in that position.
After his retirement from teaching, Mr.
Axley continued to serve the schools for
many years as a member of the Board of
Education, resigning that position in the
summer of 1946.
  Mr. Axley was followed by Erling Fro-
stad who remained until 1932. In the fall
of 1932, E. T. Hawkins was appointed
principal and continued in that position
until 1945. M. A. Patchett is the present
  The original school building was de-
stroyed by fire in 1903 and a new brick
building was erected in its place. An addi-
tion, completed in 1936, consists of a
gymnasium with connecting wing com-
prising the main entrance, stairway and
corridor, four classrooms, an office and
washrooms. Above the gymnasium is an
auditorium, study hall and library and
two classrooms. Below the ground floor
level are shower and locker rooms. In
1941 another building was added to

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