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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Baker, Louis C.
Call to worship,   pp. 164-185 PDF (9.8 MB)

Page 185

  The Seventh Day Adventists, not a
strong sect in Wisconsin, has a church in
Appleton, but there are no functioning
churches in the other parts of the county.
During the 1890's missionaries for this
group worked in the county and for a time
there were several small congregations in
the Town of Deer Creek and in Maine. A
small chapel built by Danish Lutherans
in the Town of Deer Creek was used as a
union chapel for Lutherans, United Breth-
ren and Adventists. The Town of Oneida
had a church and an Adventist school
Those buildings have been abandoned and
the Seventh Day Adventists in Oneida
attend a church in Green Bay; the Ad-
ventists of Deer Creek, Maine and other
townships attend their church in New
London; those in the central parts of the
county come to Appleton.
  The Appleton society was founded May
20, 1899, and has existed continuously
since that time. The first meetings were
held in a hall on College Avenue but they
now are held in the Seventh Day Adventist
Chapel. The congregation does not number
over 50 people.
  In September of 1938 a small band of
Wesleyan Methodists began to worship
together. They were joined in 1940 by
five families from Kaukauna and the Rev.
and Mrs. 0. C. Butcher were called to take
charge of the organization. The Rev. E.
W. Hall has been pastor since 1945.
  Other religious bodies which are es-
  tablished in Appleton more or less per-
manently and who hold revival services
which the older churches have not used
for some years are the Christian and
Missionary Alliance, the Gospel and Bible
Truth, Pentecostal and the Salvation Army
which does a large amount of social serv-
ice work and charity in its functioning.
  A small group of this faith began hold-
ing meetings in a hall above the present
location of the Wisconsin-Michigan Pow-
er Company in Appleton in 1894. By 1896
there were 12 members. About 1910 there
was talk of building a church but that
project was not carried out. A house
served as a meeting place until 1923 when
the group acquired the former residence of
Anson Ballard, one of the pioneers of
Appleton. Since 1923 the society has
grown considerably and still occupies the
remodeled Ballard home.
  In Outagamie County religious faith
has never been lacking.

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