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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Baker, Louis C.
Call to worship,   pp. 164-185 PDF (9.8 MB)

Page 165

ThI Rev. T. J. VandenBrock
Broek had to return to Holland on family
business and while there he became a
missionary for the colonization of his
new town in Wisconsin. In 1864 to 1868
the new St. John Church was being con-
structed and was dedicated in 1868 by
Bishop Joseph Melcher, first bishop of
the new Green Bay diocese. The body of
Father Van den Broek rests under the new
(1868) church in Little Chute.
  The first Catholic Mass in the city of
Appleton was celebrated in the home of
Hippolite or Hippolyte Grignon in 1848
by Father Bonduel. At this time Father
Bonduel was in charge of the mission at
  The famine in Ireland had brought many
Irish workers to the Fox River Valley in
1848 and 1850. They had found work on
the water power constructions and the
canal. This group of Irish immigrants
formed a Catholic nucleus in Appleton.
By 1857 the organization of St. Mary
parish was completed. Theodore Conkey,
M. L. Martin and A. B. Bower donated a
lot to Bishop Henni and a small frame
church was erected in 1859. Father Louis
Dael was the first resident priest arriving
to serve St. Mary's in 1860 and remaining
until 1867. He was succeeded by Father
Wilkens (1867-1868) during whose pas-
torate a group of German Catholics with-
drew from the St. Mary congregation to
found St. Joseph's. ,John Berg, Michael
Pauly and Gerhard Kamps were a com-
mittee to petition for a separation which
was granted by Bishop J. M. Henni of
  After the separation of the German
Catholics from the St. Mary parish there
were several difficult years. The Servite
Fathers of Menasha took over the church
in 1872. From this date until 1875, Father
Baldi of that order at St. Patrick's in
Menasha was in charge of St. Mary's. In
1874 a new brick structure was begun and
in June of 1874 the cornerstone of St.
Mary Church was laid. The Rev. Joseph
Hackl of Buchanan sang the Mass and
Acting Bishop Deams preached the sermon.
  In the first 15 years three events were
outstanding. The first was the great St.
Patrick Day celebration in 1862 with
Mass at the church, a great procession in
the village and a Feast with toasts at
Adkins Hall. In the summer of 1862 a
large picnic was held at which a Mr.
Hudd and a Mr. Packard (Congrega-
tionalist) spoke. The third was the preach-
ing mission by Father A. Damen, the
first Jesuit to speak in Appleton. A great
many converts were made as a result of
the mission.
  In 1872-1873 Father Willard held tem-
perance meetings in all the churches of
the county. Father Tanguay came in 1875
and remained until 1887 when he died.
In the same year, 1875, Father Willard,
the Catholic temperance advocate,
preached in St. Mary's and 200 persons
signed the abstinence pledge. In 1875 the
Catholic Total Abstinence Mission of the
state held its convention in Appleton.
  During the pastorate of Father Tanguay
the church building was completed and

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