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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Mackesy, Lillian; Schubert, William E.; Brummund, Walter H.
Industrial progress,   pp. 141-163 PDF (6.9 MB)

Page 162

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Constrution Of IT. S. Upperi DaC  A t, A i t , 1",714
the Fox River Knitting Company and the
Zwv icker Knitting Mills employs about
1000 people, and Zwicker is Appleton's
largest single employer.
  As one skims over the explanations of
why certain industries located here rather
than somewhere else, the finger runs past
"source of supply of raw     materials''
through ''abundance of powver'' and comes
to rest a moment on a third reason, namely,
proximity to a market for finished prod-
uct." Especially rich in agricultural re-
sources, the Fox River Valley is a natural
location for industries which supply a
farm market. Thus, it was no accident
wx hich caused Richard Miller, an enter-
prising young blacksmith from Stephens-
ville, to start his Eagle Fork Company
in Appleton in 1879. The company manu-
factured a mechanical fork for unloading
hay and soon branched out into other
agricultural equipment. Today, the Eagle
Manufacturing Company, a direct descend-
ant of the old fork company, itself no"
in its sixtieth year, and its neighbor the
Fox River Tractor Company and several
smaller concerns supply not only the needs
of valley farmers, but those in the nation
and in foreign lands as well.
  While lumbering as an industry con-
nected with the local source of supply
faded, the ,, ood products concerns never
really died out and are very much in
evidence today. Firms manufacture cliairs,
atid not just ordinary chairs either, but
high chairs and kindergarten chiairs, crates,
boxes, butcher blocks, cutting tables,
plugs, cheese boxes and veneer for the
tops of chcese boxcs.
  Ironically enough, one of the distress-
ing things about the industrial growx th of
Outa gamiC County are the reports of the
4    -,..'-

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