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Outagamie County (Wis.) State Centennial Committee / Land of the fox, saga of Outagamie County

Mackesy, Lillian; Schubert, William E.; Brummund, Walter H.
Industrial progress,   pp. 141-163 PDF (6.9 MB)

Page 160

First Appleton Paper Mill Run by Richmond Brothers
end and the finished product comes out
the other. The Kimberly mill of Kimberly-
Clark using the ground wood and sulphite
processes makes a wide variety of book
paper. The Combined Locks Paper Com-
pany using the ground wood process makes
similar grades. The Thilmany Mill using
the sulphate process makes bag and wrap-
ping paper. The Fox River Paper Corpora-
tion begins with rags (adds wood pulp to
some) to make fine writing papers. Then
again the Interlake mill starts with trees
and ends with Mitscherlich sulphite pulp.
Riverside Paper Corporation (writing pa-
per) on the other hand, starts with pulp
and ends with paper. Lastly, there are
those who do nothing but convert, they
are the factories which start with paper,
print on it, form it, emboss it, or treat
it. The Appleton Coated Paper Company
coats paper for a variety of products in-
cluding tickets and tags. The Atlas mill
makes wall paper. The Badger Tissue
Mills at Kaukauna makes tissue products,
and the Tuttle Press at Appleton makes
such items as crepe paper, table covers
and napkins.
  One significant result of this specialized
activity in paper is that through the years,
there has been built up in this area by
generations of training a vast reservoir of
skilled craftsmen and artisans such as is
rarely duplicated elsewhere.
  Perhaps mindful that the uncertainties
of life also apply to industry, the entire
paper fraternity has collaborated in es-
tablishing a graduate school and research
body which specializes in the chemistry
of paper. Called the Institute of Paper
Chemistry, it is located at Appleton and
is the only one of its kind in the United
  In hearing of the industrial metamor-
phosis of the county for the past 100

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