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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

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      REC                  133                 REI
Recke Andrew, teamster, res. 937 Durkee.
Recke William, lab., res. 937 Durkee.
Reed Charles, finisher Woolen Mills, res. 4G6 Alton.
Reed Burton. hck tender Paper Mill, res. 481 Jlohn.
Reed. See Read and Reid.
Reeve Catherine Miss, res. 788 Lawrence.
Reeve Howard 1)., student, res. 788 Lawrence.
REEVE      J. T. &   JAMIES S. (James T. and James S.
  Reeve), physicians and surgeons, n. e. cor. Oneida and Lawrence
Reeve .James S. (J. T. & James S. Reeve), res. 782 Lawrence.
Reeve James T. (J. T. & James S. Reeve), sec. State Board of
  Health, res. 788 Lawrence.
Reffke August, lab., res s. s. Maple Grove, 1 e. Canal.
Reffke Charles, lab., res. s. s. Maple Grove, I e. C'anal.
RefIke Michael, res. s. s. Maple Grove, I e. Canal.
Register of Deeds Office, Court House.
Rehbein Albert, butcher, res. 782 Lawe.
Rehbein Amelia Miss, res. 880 Prospect.
Rehbein Bertha, domestic 849 Oneida.
Rehbein Charles, hostler, res. 474 Hancock.
Riehfeld Bertha, domestic 853'Fisk.
Rehfeldt Louis, lab., res. 418 Green Bay.
Reib Louisa, domestic 879 Morrison.
Reichel Anna, domestic 549 Alton.
Reichel Babrara, domestic 788 Lawrence.
Reichel Magdalene (wid. Valentine), res. 739 Maple Grove.
Iteichel Mary Miss, seamstress, res. 788 Lawrence.
R-id Alexander J., U. S. Consul at Dublin, res. 327 Cherry.
Reid Estelle Miss, res. 042 Green Bay.
REIM  ) ThOMIAS B., editor Appleton Post, res. 624 Green
Reif Annie Miss, res. 547 Walnut.
Reif Michael, lab., res. 1177 Lawrence.
Reif Theresa (wid. Wenzel), grocer, 547 Walnut, res. same.
Reid. See Read and Reed.
Reider. See Reiter.
Reiland Anna (wid. Michael), res. 074 State.
Reilly John It., physician, P. 0. bldg., res. 5838 Alton.
Reilly Louise G. Miss, res.-533 Alton.
Reiner John, lab., res. 861 Fair,
Reinke Charles, barkpr R. Rein~ke, res. 765 College av.
Reinke Joseph, lab., res. Wisconsin House.
Reinke Lizzie, domestic 684 Fisk.

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