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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: O'],   pp. 121-122 PDF (461.3 KB)

[Alphabetical list of names: O],   pp. 122-123 PDF (453.9 KB)

Page 122

      O'KE                 122                 OS- H
O'Keefe Mary Miss, res. 451 Walnut.
O'Keefe Richard, baggagemaster M. L. S. & W. Ry., res. 431
O'lKeefe Thomas & Sons (Edward, John and Thomas O'Keefe Jr.),
  millwrights, and agts. (;. Lelfe] &, Co's turbine water wheels,
  10793 2d.
)'Keefe Thomas, res. 451 Walnut.
O'Ke'efe Thomas Jr. (Thomas ()'leefe. & Sons), res. 10683 5th.
()'Keefe Thomas L., student, res. 108 Cherry.
(O)'Leary J ames D)., bark pr Shernnni House.
)' Malley John, chairinkr, res. 722 Madison.
O)'Neil Cornelius, paperm kr, res. 821 Jackson.
()'Neil Daniel, fireman Atlas Paper Co., res. 821 Jackson.
) Neil John, pultpmkr, res. 824 Jackson.
O'Neil Mary (wid. William), res. 474 State.
()'Neiil Nellie Miss, res. 824 Jackson.
O'Neil Thomas, paperinkr, res. 474 State.
0      ,ST Minnie, dressmkr, 89-7 College av., res. same.
       Ochsbner Frank, janitor, res. 887 Richmond.
()(isner Gertrude Miss, res. 887 Richmond.
O(hlisner Katie -Miss, res. 887 RIichmond.
Odd Fellows' Block, s. e. cor. College av. and Morrison.
(Oertl Joseph, lab., res. 947 College av.
)estreieh Albert, molder, res. 716 Appleton.
)estreieh John, hostler, res. 872 College av.
Olilke Hattie Miss, res. 939 Union.
Ohlke Minnie (wid. William), carpet weaver, res. 939 Union.
()hlke William, tinsmith, res. 939 Union.
()hrogge William, foreman sorting room Telulah Mills, res. 489
Olds Edgar 1I., trav. agt., res. (-19 Union.
(Oliste:id Lamar, treas. Appleton Machine ('o., res. 1297 2d.
)linstead Mamie Miss, music teacher, res. 1297 2d.
)lson Otto, carl)enter, res. 001 S. River.
)ppermian Emil L , supt. Standard IMnp Co., res. 700 Lawrence.
Orbison Susan M. (wid. Thomas), res. 515 Union.
Orbison Thomas W. (Edwards & Orbison), res. 517 College av.
Ormsby Hall, Lawrence Ulniversity Grounds.
Oshkosh. Appleton and Fond du Lac Inspection Bureau, R. B.
  McCurdy, mnngr., 800 College av.

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