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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: N],   pp. 118-121 PDF (959.6 KB)

[Alphabetical list of names: O'],   pp. 121-122 PDF (461.3 KB)

Page 121

      NOF                  121                O'KE
NolTke William Jr., lab., res. rear n. s. Lee, 3 e. Newberry.
Nohr Augusta Nliss, res. 50 Newberrv.
Nohr Fred, lab., res. 50 Newberry.
Nohr (,uste Miss, elk. A. lPeerenboom, res! 83931 Pacific.
Nohr Ilertian, lab, res. 50 Newberry.
Nohr William, (ligester, res. 393 Pacific.
Nolan Andrew, res. 830 Superior.
Nolan ,J ulia Miss, res. S3)0 Superior.
Nolan Loretta Miss, res. 830 Superior.
Nolan Mary Miss, res. (61 State.
Nolan Patrick, res. 661 State.
Nolah Thomas A., student, res. 830 Sunperior.
Nolan William, medical student, res. S;30 Superior.
Nolan William J., lab., res. 661 State.
Nolan William N., student, res. 830 Superior.
Noland John, res. 183 Walnut.
Noland Marv (wid. Patrick), res. 1092 8th.
Nooyelu Albert, lab., res. 408 Eldorado.
Nooyen Nicholas, driver, res. 06536 Morrison.
NORTHLVESTrERN         HIOUSE, M. II. Brill, prop., n. e. eor.
  Edwards and Appleton.
Northwestern Surgical Institute, W. M. Babb, prop., mnfrs. of
  braces, (86 Edwards.
Notre D)ame Convent, Sister Januaria, superior, 910 Lawrence.
Nussbaum Annie, domestic 1079 2d.
Nussbaum Lizzie, domestic 517 Durkee.
Nussbaurn William, elk., res. 1017 Packard.
Nutting Lucian, carpenter, res. 390 Jackman.
C'ONNOR Anna Miss, tailoress, res. 1189 Spencer.
,J     O'Conn nor tlannah NIiss, res. 481 State.
C'Connor Maggie, waitress Waverly House.
O'Connor Michael J., hostler, res. 474 Franklin.
O'Connor Nancy Nliss, res. 1189 Spencer.
)'Connor Thomas J!., lab., res. 174 Franklin.
OIKEIEFEI    EI)WAUII) (Thomas O'Keefe & Sons), supt.
  Combined Locks Paper Co., res. 1073 2(1.
O'Keefe John, fireman, res. 431 Franklin.
O'Keefe John (Thomas O'Keefe & Sons), res. 408 Cherry.
O'Keefe John Albert, student, res. 408 Cherry.
O'Keefe Margaret Miss, res. 451 Walnut.

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