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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: M],   pp. 108-118 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 117

      MUE                  117               MUR
Mueller Lebrecht, lab., res. 1241 8th.
Mueller Lorenz, res. e. s. Maple Grove.
Mueller Louise Miss, res. 1200 Spencer.
Mueller Mary (wid. John), res. 1020 8th.
Mueller Nicholas, res. 103 Newberry.
Mueller Paul, lab., res. 1241 8th.
Mueller. See Miller.
MUENCIt BREWING CO., John R. Kueh]thau, pres.,
  brewers and maltsters, 701-715 Lake.
Muench Charles G. (George Muench & Co.), res. 941 8th.
Muench D)avid, cutter E. N. Johnson, res. 693 College av.
Muench George (George Muench & Co.), res. 518 Walnut.
Muench George Jr. (George Muench & Co.), res. 518 Walnut.
Muench George & Co. (George, Charles G. and George Muench
  Jr.), beer bottlers, 518 Walnut.
Muench Sarah, res. 761 Morrison.
Muench William, with Muench Brewing Co., res. 653 Lake.
Muenster Edward, barkpr, res. 753 Appleton.
Muenzer Moses, lab., res. 697 Bennett.
Muhs Win. J., trav. auditor M., L. S. & W. R. R., res. 663 Durkee.
Mulckouw William F., barkpr, res. 777 College av.
Mulhare Michael, res. 1304 2d.
Mulholland Hugh J., clk. of Circuit Court, res. 865 Prospect.
Mullen Sarah A. (wid. William), res. 1035 Atlantic.
Munchow Otto, shoemkr Wm. Munchow, res. 694 College av.
Munchow William, boots and shoes, 694 College av., res. same.
Mundt Emanuel, hides, pelts, wool and tallow, 980 College av.,
  res. same.
Mundt Emma Miss, res. 980 College av.
Mundt Gustav, clk., res. 980 College av.
Munhall Thomas, res. 792 Lake.
Munhall Thomas E., cashier M. L. S. & W. Ry., res. Sherman
Murphy Annie Miss, papermkr, res. 1024 Lawrence.
Murphy Cornelius, engineer, res. 418 Cherry.
Murphy Dennis, beer bottler, 1076 Spencer, res. same.
Murphy Edward, janitor Court House, res. 498 Cherry.
Murphy Edward, night watchman, res. 682 Hancock.
Murphy Ellen F., teacher, res. 647 Appleton.
Murphy Howard, farmer, res. 1 w. 1560 Spencer.
Murphy James, millwright Appleton Paper & Pulp Co., res. 486
Murphy Katie Miss, res. 1024 Lawrence.

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