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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: M],   pp. 108-118 PDF (3.3 MB)

Page 109

      MAN                  109               MAS
MANSER, PFENNIG           & CO. (Henry Manser, Fred J.
  H. Pfennig and Frank Renner), planing mill, Walter, ft. Drew.
Manthey Herman, lab., res. 582 Atlantic.
  ney, pres.; Daniel Lamont, treas.; A. L. Smith Jr., supt.; F.
  W. Taylor, gen. ingnr., Maple Grove, n. John-st. Bridge.
Marian Albert, carpenter, res. 813 Drew.
Marian Frederick, lab.. res. 773 Hancock.
Markham Hattie (wid. Theodore), res. 850 College av.
Marks Lottie Miss, res. 729 Oneida.
Marks Theodore, lab., res. 729 Oneida.
Marquette Belle Mrs., matron Prescott Hospital, res. 685 Drew.
Marsehke Herman, res. 762 Center.
Marsh Hiram S., elk.. res. 576 Union.
Marston Charles L. (J. H. Marston & Co.), res. 650 Park av.
MARSTON       J. ti. &   CO. (Joseph H., Quincy D. and
  Charles L. Marston), mnfrs. Clifton lime, and dealers in coal
  and wood, sewer pipes, cement, etc., e. of Lake on Government
Marston Josph H. (J. H. Marston & Co. and Marston & Bever-
  idge), res. 771 Kimball.
Marston Myrtie Miss, teacher, res. 802 Harris.
Marston Quincy D. (J. H. Marston & Co.), res. 647 S. River.
M[ARSTON     &  BEVERIDGE        (Joseph H. Marston and
  Charles A. Beveridge), mnfrs. hubs, spokes and wagon stock,
  Grand Chute Island, e. Pearl-st. Bridge.
Marten Charles, molder, res. 810 2(1 av.
Martens Arnold, saloon, 706 College av., res. same.
Martienssen Adolph, cheesemkr, res. 90 2(1 av.
Martin Alice Miss, res. n. e. cor. Union and Hancock.
Martin May Miss, res. n. e. cor. Union and H'acock.
Martin Nicholas, molder, res. 969 Oneida.
Martin Wells, lab., res. n. e. cor. Union and Hancock.
Martin William, fireman Kinmberly-Clark Co., res. 718 Appleton.
Martino Guiseppe, fruit peddler, res. 969 College av.
Martino Stefano, fruit peddler, res. 969 College av.
Marx William, chairmkr, res. 532 Allen.
Marx William, sec. and treas. Appleton Chair Co., res. Milwau-
  kee, Wis.
Maschett August. lab., res. 893 Jefferson.
Maschett Nellie Mrs. (wid.), res. 893 Jefferson.
Maschett Peter, lab., res. 893 Jefferson.
Mason Andrew, lab., res. 1205 Elsie.
Mason Jos., baker, res. 842 College av.
Mason Wallace D., postal elk., res. 524 Morrison.

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