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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 102

      LEM                  102                 LIE
Lemke August, machine tender, res. 1252 Oneida,
Lemke Clara, domestic 884 Prospect.
Lemke Louis, lab., res. 1247 Oneida.
Leuike Michael, lab., res. 1259 (OneidIa.
l~emte jwiner, papermkr, res.. 9G S. Division.
Lempe Jens, lab., res. 963 ,). 1)ivision.
ILemlpke Henry, lab., res. 872 Co1llege a v.
lempke Minnie Miss, res. G57 A ppleton.
Lennon Clara Miss, res. 519 Walnut.
Lennon Frank, lab., res. 12'7 Emily.
lennon James, tray. agt., res. 519 Walnut.
I ennon James Jr., lab., res. 1237 Em ily.
Lennon Katie Miss, res. 519 Walnut.
Lennon Peter, lab., res. 1237 Emily.
Lensal HIenry, butcher B. H larpler, res. same.
Lenz Frederick C., l)atternm kr, res.  kt50 Atlantic.
Lenz Louis F., elk. B. T. (Gilnore, res. 6-50 Atlantic.
Lenz Mathilda 11. Miss, res. 650 Atlantic.
Lenz Oscar, apprentice w. '. Ross, res. (150 Atlantic.
Lenzer Theodore, driver, res. 814 Ed wards.
Leonhardt Anna (wid. Peter), res. 500 State.
Leonhardt Annie Miss, res. 819 Morrijon.
Leonhardt Barbara Mrs.. res. (12 Appleton.
LEONIIARIT (EORGE, grocer and meat market, 817
  Morrison, res. 819 Morrison.
Leonhardt ,John A., carpenter, res. 719 Main.
Leonhardt Mary A. Miss, res. 819 Morrison.
LEONIIARI)T PETE iR, dry goods, groceries and farm
  p)roduce, 994 College av., res. 614 State.
Leppla \Vallie (I yan & leppla), res. 748 N. D)ivision.
Lepould Henry, lab., res. e. s. Maple Grove, 1st s. 690.
Lepould Jolin, lab., res. e. s. Maple Grove, 1st s. 6911.
Lessel, See Loessel.
LJESTEI .JO1IN S., agt. U. S. Exp. Co., 586) Oneida, res.
  516 Meade.
Lester May L. Miss, res. 516 Meade.
Lester William J., U. S. Exp. agt., 516( Meade, res. 502 South.
Lewandowski Theodore iH., lab., res. 561 Main.
Lewis George A., deliverer Am. Exp. Co., res. 767 IBateman.
Lewis John W., chemist, res. 950 Gilmore.
Lieber Carrie, sorter Telulah Mills, res. 1171 Lawrence.
Lieber John, shoemkr, res. 1171 Lawrence.
Lieders Henry (1). Jacobson), wood and coal, res. WS6 Halrrison.
Liesch Nicholas, lab., res. w. s. Maple Grove, 2 n. S. River.
Liethen Engelbert, weaver, res. 573 Walnut.

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