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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 97

       K l'I                  19,7                KIJE
 Kei'i('r Martin, coniftetii)r, res. WS".) Hlancock.
 Krihm n  r('al, lab_, res. 1021 lIisk.
 Ioek lh'Im'y, alob., rcs. 7836 2d av.
 Kn'r,'incke August, lahb., rs. 2 n. 2( av., e. . s.Fredoti rd.
 IKrieink.\ August, lab., rvs. 159t 2d av.
 Krnwnlnc P~a~idin, d(]onestic ,51il (!()Ih~ge av.
 lKr(,hn Frovt. l,))wenian Sulphitle Mills, lres. (107,1 Sth.
 Kroll Ida, dhomesitic (iiS (O)nidola.
 lKr()ll Mary, dohmestic, 50(I XClhep av.
 IKranichs Charl's, taplertiki, it-s. I )6()n IHouse.
 lKrtImser .Jloseph A., iuillwright, res. I11-59 Lawrcnce.
 Kr()onser Nichoo)his, C;))'iman, r(cs. 1159{ [ANt'vrelIC0.
 lKru('g r JI)hiii, for teman limi trly-Cl(aik Co., res. 90)-I 2d axv.
 JKrutgt'r Paul, weaver, it's. (A I() Athanic.
 Krue'ger William 3l., millwright, res. 156 (Cherry.
 KI-rill AunIglsa, d+)mesti( 5:)2 5h)rrihm).
 Krull Ilhii', lab.. res. I,-2  N in r.
 Kruil Susie (wid. IIenry), res. I";2 Minor.
 1Kruschke Agnes Miss, iress'ikr., rcs. S02 N. Division.
 1Kruschke Lo+)uise Mi's., res. S0(2 N. Division.
 ]Kruschke )sctar., ci k., res. '-(02 N. Division.
 lKru e Eleanor Miss, res. 1229 Splencer.
 lK ruse i'"rederick, Iilnlaill, r's. 1229 Slnc ti'e'.
 Kruse (;eorgu, clairiikr, r's. 1229 Spencer.
 Kriuse Ilatti' Miss, res. 1229 Spe'in'er.
 KIbluitz Albert, masi).ii, res. 1112 M orrison.
 Kiibitz (C1harles, tail)r, res. 176( Aiiioi.
 1KuI itz Flhra Miss, taihlmrss, rns. :),59 Pacific.
 1Kubitz Frank, painter, res. 359 Pacifie.
 K ul)itz Jiohin, lab., re's. 35t) I N+titie.
 Ib~bitz ohnl F., lab., rIs. (2') M(wrrison.
 tKubitz Miinie Miss, tails , rc's. :;7)!) P'acitic.
 lnuc'l l,'3erliivand, lab., res. ('635 leim'tt.
 K1101101,111 Johhn U., lore's. M uellch Irw g(),'s ;; ~non
 l.K1uubihsted AiiIalia (witi. Her'i'mian), rn'-. 735 N. )ivisioni.
 Kehliinsteld (Carric Miss. r's. 735 N. I)ivision.
 lNu+hstedI Lue '\y C. (wild. 1liig)), teacher, res. 4S1 \Vashington.
 I-ullihmstei Otto, trav. .agt., r's. 731 N. I)ivisimi.
 K. UEl i NE BROS. (Ewald and Robtert Kueline), wholesale
 del'alci's in beef', pork, mutton, and shippters 4f live stock, n. s.
 2dt av., city limits w.
 IK iich Ewald (Kueh ne Bros.), res. n. s. 2d1 av., at \v. city limits.
 Kucbinc Rlobuert (Kuehne Bris.), res. ni. s. 2d av,, at w. city limits,
Kuehnow Frederick, res. 1019 (Gliore.

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