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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 90

       K f il,               W)0                 K E N'
K(ley Iizie (wid. Jolhn). res. w. s. Freedom rd., 3 1. 2d av.
K(Wy Thmas, maso, SO: l)hrkee, no. sne.
Kl(lh, \Aaron II., attomnv at law, 7'I College av., res. IMo
Kelly |)avid, carlpeiter, rcs. 10)23 5th.
K<elly .James, la])., r(os. 1023 5~th.
Kol1y .Johin, la' ., rs. 10)'2-5)t h.
l1lly Katheriie. res. 1()'2:', 5th.
Kelly Kate, sorter, rn-. 1151 Meale'.
K(,,ly Mary, sorter, res. 1151 Made.
Kewmler AXnie ,Miss, res. -118 Cherry.
Keim mer Anugsta (witl. hJal)), rns. 4 18 ('herry.
lKeim mer Frank, papel'imkr, res. 418 (Cherry.
Kernmhel' Olga, res. .I IS Che'rrv.
K   iipfert (Charles, lab., nes. G22 2  axv.
Ke(''ilf(rt Franlk, lab., res. )18 IeBrewster
KCII Idyrl .t Joli, lal)., re's. 9.1)ý lBhrewster.
K(eolpfert Alary, (homcsthc G;97 Durkee.
letily Mary (wid. Co)nielhus), res. 098) Xlophtoti.
Kei)ma ('harles, foret'm, res. 572 S. River.
Keimiody \Vrn., atty at law, 7>9 (follege a"v., r's. -;-o.2 ldhhorado.
lNeiiy on lsa)ella (wid. Wallace), dressnikr, 7SU College av., 'es.
K)'Ilyo)n Louis J., ]ai)., res. 831 l)rew.
InyoI Wallahce, painiter, res. 190) College av.
K(,tivoi William G., pthysieian, room 1, Odd Fellows' Wik., nos.
IKeril A\ndrew, masml, res. 017 Spring.
Kerni (Ciristian, liremlan Atlas Nitifg. Co., res. 1202 lawrenee.
k,,shir August, eigarlmkr, res. MM I ,aw.
Kessler FIraik, book agent, res. 791 ( lo)h,'gi av.
Ke'ssler (George, earletl-weaver, r)es. 70 1 Ilioll.
K(essler (eo)'ge Jr., c(ooper, res. 780 Uiiimt,,
lKetchumn .Maria (Mid. ohyI  n" (AS8 Oneida.
Ketchum Willmur F., dlriver C}. \. Pardlee, res. 771 Mor'ris~m.
1!'r'IENIlOFEN'        U h N K, wvines atd liquors ani saloon,
  785 (College av., r('s. (82 EdwardIs.
K(ettel'lofc1l Jolh (lKettehllofe i & kXWeilail)d), res. (631; Superior.
lKc't(ihoI )ien May Miss, res. 68"2 E'dwvards.
Kettenhofii Peter, lres. Al\pletoi Cha'hir Co , res. (682 E(Iwards.
lKetteihliofei & \eiland (J)ohi Kettehiliofeii and Nieholas Wei-
  land), grain dh's., 105(7 College axV., 11. w. cor. lichi(loid,
lKetzmer Christian, mason, res. 1,)70 Slpetieer.
Key William F., 'igarinkr, res. 9)21 Ap)p)letoi.
Keyes William MI., papermkr, r( , 171 Stotae

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