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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 89

       K A M                 59                 KE1;L
Na in ps I hedore E., bk pr G. Kanips, res. 921 7th.
an{iinls William, res. 9)21 7th.
Ininips Williami A_, elk. 8(08 College av., res. 1021 61th.
Knnike Moritz, wa\igonnikr, res. '97-1 (ihnore.
NQinkel \Viii., Iboorer, res. 971 (iilmiiorc.
K IANOIUSE A BI lJ All IV., physician andi surgeon, roonis
  11-12 Odd I'ellow6' Wlk., res. H8: larris.
lKaliouse Sarah Mr,;., res. 1065 3d.
lKaphingst Ge)rnze, salooni, 7 12 (Co)llege av., res. samie,
Kapp1 Martin, b~utcher, res. 77s ttichniond.
Niargus (,ust.i v, hib., res. S52 Voster.
Karls Anton, lab., res. 12S7 Spencer.
Narls Fernald, Jab., res. 12.87 Spencer.
IKarlIs Louis, lab., res. I2S7 Spencer.
IKarwick John, l'ab., res. 81:1, N. D~ivision.
Karwick Minata M is, dressnikr, res. 813 N. D)ivision.
N(astcin Auguist, lab., res. 1172 Superior.
Kasten Gustav, lab., res. 911 1) rew.
Katu tiian Frederick, opr. Wis. Tel. ()o., res. 8 16 College av.
I~aulfnian John F., shoenikr, res. S 1; College av.
Iau finan iJosie Miss, res. 810 College av.
aunKC ianiin Wilhelinia (wid. Carl), res. 955 Lake.
iKaukauna Paper Co., Win. M. Van Nortwick, pres.; J. S. Van
  Nortwick, v.-pres. and treas.; GA. F. Steele, see. and inngr.;
  innifrs. nianiii paper, 582 Morrison.
Kavanaugh Arthur, mill band, res. 993 Lawrence.
Navanaugh D)avid, molder A pleton N fg. Co., res. 993 Lawrence.
Kavanaugh Miles (Kavaiaugh & Farrell), res. 99,3 Lawrence.
IiAVANAUGi[ &          FARRELL (Miles Kavanaugh and
  William'i Farrell), livery, 973 College av.
I~avalitaugli. See (CaVxaiiaglih.
N~eating ILzzie, doniebtic Gs!) Lawrence.
Keef Aniina ( w id. ,J atites), res. 770 (Collins a v.
Keel Charles, lumiibermiian, res. S 13 Morrison.
Ieef l)ina Miss, res. 770 C ollins av.
Keets Charles ,J, 1ook agent, res. 555
N eets (ornelia C. (wid. John), res. 555 Meade.
Keets Ilary (C., res. 555 Meade.
Keily Bridget (wiI. Patrick), res. 076 Richmiond.
Keily John, res. 676 Richmond.
Keller Ilubert, lab., res. 819 Union.
Keller Kuno IV., watchnikr and jeweler, 8.10 College av., res. 6,88
Keller William, watchltnkr K. F. Keller, res. 688 Richmond,
Kelley Christian, papermkr, res. 480 State.

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