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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: J],   pp. 85-88 PDF (852.3 KB)

[Alphabetical list of names: K],   pp. 88-98 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 88

      JUH                  88                KAM
 Juhnke Martin, lab., res. 1375 2d.
 J unge Henry, mason, res. 935 Superior.
 Junge John, lab., res. 776 Coniimercial.
 Junger Dena, domestic 533 John.
 Jungmann Alfred (Jungmann Bros.), res. Milwaukee.
 Jungmnann Annie Miss, res. G94 Winnebago.
 JUNG31ANN      BROS. (Fred Jr., Richard and Alfred Jung-
 niann), sheepskin tanners, ii. s. John, at Bridge.
 Jtmginann Fred Sr., tanner, ft. Johns-st Bridge, res. 684 Winne-
 Jungrnann Frederick Jr. (Junginann Bros.), res. 684 Winnebago.
 Junginann Richard, res. 685 Winnebago.
 .Jungnann Selna, domestic 749 Lawrence.
 Jungmnann. Toni Miss, dressmkr, res. 694 Winnebago.
 Jungnik Carl G., cigarinkr, res. 654 Pacific.
 K   ACHILER Ludwig, brickmnkr, res. 1063 Lawrence.
       Kachler Mary Miss, res. 1063 Lawrence.
Kaehler Frederick, lab., res. 969 Superior.
Kaehler William, lab., res. 959 Superior.
Kaempf Jacob, lab., res. 1155 Lawrence.
Kaempf John, pulp grinder, res. 566 Lawrence.
Kaestle Anna Miss, res. 999 Lawe.
Kaestle August, cigarmnkr, res. 999 Lawe.
Kaestle Emma Miss, res. 999 Lawe.
Kaestner Christian, res. 1376 Spencer.
Kagerbauer Joseph, lab., res. 472 Calumet.
Kahler William, grocer, 904 D)urkee, res. same.
Kahn Henry, machinist, res. 930 prospect.
Kalibe Fred., cigarmkr, res. Briggs House.
KamlpoFrank, comp)ositor Appleton Crescent, res. 775 Bateman.
Kanipo Jacob, cigarmkr, res. 501 Pearl.
Kampo Joseph, ship.-clk., res. 501 Pearl.
Kampo Tim, saloon, 501 Pearl, res. same.
Kamps Annie Miss, milliner, res. 1024 6th.
Kanips Ferdinand IT., elk. P. 0., res. 1024 6th.
KANIPS GERIIARD, harnessmkr, 841 College av., res.
  924 7th.
Kamps Herman A., watchmkr Max Mayer, res. 651 Durkee.
KAMPS JJ. H. & CO. (John I1. Kamps), druggists, dealers
  in paints, oils, perfumery, toilet articles, etc., 793 College av.
Kamps John H. (J. H. Kauiips & Co.), res. 929 8th.
Kamps Theodore, harnessmkr and milliner, 943 College av., res.
  1024 6th.

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