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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: J],   pp. 85-88 PDF (852.3 KB)

Page 86

      JAN                   86                 JOH
Janquart Eugene, lab., res. 1200 8th.
Jansen Mary (wid. Nils), res. 940 Lawrence.
Jarak Josephine Miss, res. 160) Mason.
.jennerjahn Er4st, elk. G(eorge Leonhardt, res 992 Morrison.
Jenneijahn Frank, asst. S. N. Buck, res. 992 Morrison.
,lennerjahn Lou is, carpenter, res. 963 Oneida.
Jennerjahn M ary (wid. John), re.s. 992 Morrison.
JENS AI)OLPII, marble yards, 7009 College av., res. 771
Jens Minnie, domestic 814 Oneida.
Jensen Helene, doiestic Sherman House.
Jensen Lars, lab., res. 585 Main.
Jensen Martha Miss, res. 532 S. River.
Jensen Math, lab., res. 8.11 Clark.
Jensen Nels, painter, 673 Edwards, res. 675 Drew.
Jensen Peter J., painter, res. 585 Main.
Jenson IHans Peter, teamster, res. 998 Appleton.
Jentz Albert, marble cutter Adolph Jens, res. 771 Harris.
Jentz Annie, domestic 726 North.
Jeradschik Joseph, lab., res. e. s. Outagamie, s. Carver.
Jerka Stephen, millwright, res. Washington House.
Jeske Ida, domestic 534 John.
Jeske William R., elk. John Berg, res. 694 Morrison.
Jesmier Frank, printer, res. 754 N. l)ivision.
Jesmier IRichard, foreman, res. 754 N. D)ivision.
Jesmier Sheridan, machinist, res. 754 N. Division.
Joeeks Ferdinand. lab., res. 770 Mary.
Joecks Maria (wid. John), res. 770 Mary.
Joecks William, lab., res. 487 Franklin.
Joergesen Matthew, lab., res. 8,11 Clark.
.oers Henry, lab., res. 775 Vine.
Johnson Albert I)., papermnkr, res. 788 l)rew.
Johnson Albert E., carpenter, res. 356 Vine.
.Johnson Augustus, hack driver, res. 669 Drew.
Johnson Cecelia Miss, res. 553 Lincoln.
Johnson Eben N., merchant tailor and gents' furnishing goods,
  788 College av., res. 503 Alton.
JOHNSON FRANK           MISS, insurance agt. and type-writ-
  ing, 812 College av., res. 669 Lawrence.
Johnson Hattie Miss, res. 669 Drew.
Johnson Hiram W., papermkr, res. 663 S. River.
Johnson [na B. Miss, stenog. 812 College av., res. 669 Lawrence.
Johnson John, machinist, res. 604 S. River,
Johnson John A., machinist, res. 810 Harris.
Johnson Joseph, tailor E. N. Johnson, res. Briggs House.

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