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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

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      1110                 SO                1I ER
hIhtuann Ihelun NV. Miss, elk , res. 725 Fisk.
lloideihann Ida Miss, res. 97S 2d axv.
SI higel .Jacob), lab., res. 106¶9 Lawl)ence.
lheigel John, hutelher, res. ;1I Clliege av.
Sleik(kl John, lab., Irs. 1136 SOh.
Ithikel Theresa Miss. re',. 11:8(; Sth.
lleinim  t'erthhl, ris. 70)0 Edwar'ds.
Ih i'a n latv (w vidI. Ilhitanni), n's. 7AT Ed1wards.
llvin .hoR1l1, nQfilh r, ms 111; tlarIds.
I lhiti l Bertha Mliss, hatmn,'rnmaiil Sherman 1lous'.
telel I~iz/i( Miss, res. ]I.)9() l~orain.
I htineiani I'rederck. sccL I Tion'1 Toy and Furniture ('C., S37
  (Alhigu a., ris. 775 Thmka.
l1i'ienlkampI Vincientins IRev., rets. 9)21 ,a\rVnc'.
Ill'ins .htl. lhei:  oo  \Va WIly I tense, rCS. 893 Edldwards.
etin,.z Alvina Miss, res. 52'ý State.
Hihntz lerthm :Miss, dtomestic 57; lPrew.
leintz .Jotsetphine Miss, ro,. 52S' State.
II IHEIN'TZ I    ;AE! IFiwlFr, ,altoon, 52,S State, res. same.
I lei),lzkill Vina,  res.  365-   .1herry.
Heinz Christian. Listnec, reluiah Mills,  3.1'.  North.
IH l hnz  41-t1,y (t'-.,I ilhr' , rs. Ap)plehto   lH use.
I lhtitz XXharltat, painlter, r'es. \w. S. Itih4o)2l, :' 1. Elsie.
I fisler (Hitver G,  in\ t., rs. IN (4; ege av.
Ithciss John, sec. 1ari ., res. In It I  d.
HItIiss lMaggic', roes. 1I11 2d.
lleits Thoamas, cigarm.r, r8s. 1111 2d1.
I lelh 1 i  I ' ())ttilo  U ia t, ri  s . 681( % 4S I I  Iuet.
Hlller ()atti,  ia. i.l, res. ,41 O  Viti hlut.
tht,  (rl, marblle wMrkSr, res. 790 Iin chmi mI.
I leli W illia t, t1 , res. 12: Packard.
I lelst'r Stelat!n rE., ti nter, res. 677 Main.
I lenwh'ics Marlin, l),)ardin  hmmue, 69!7 Co(llege av., res. saine.
Il   e An  tn Miss, dn'es.ikir, -S.)o College av.
lItenkc I izziug, es.ic   . 775 l.
] [(clne  Anto)nia ,M sres. ,(;2 ldwardts.
Ilenning Lo.uisa (wid, Joi)n)), res. III Lo,ev
lHerb) Clara .Miss, re.s. 931 G;ilmore.
IHerb) Daniel, matson, re"'. 9):1,1 6ihmore'.
Huert) D~aniel, lab)., res. 9.31 Glilmore.
lHerb Eflizatbeth Miss, res. 931 Gilmore.
Herb .htcol, hlab., 931g ("ihnore.
tHermann Andrew, tinner, res. 6;77 Hancoc.)(.
H ermann Anton, tinsmith, res. 993 College av.
Htermann August, res. -157 Lee.

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