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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: H],   pp. 75-85 PDF (2.3 MB)

Page 78

      HIAR                   78                 IIAW
I lartung Frederick C., h~oots atnd shoes, 78(; College ax'., res. ii. e.
  cor. North an(] Ida.
Ilartu ug \Villia'n, res. 702 (C'ollege av.
Ilartuith Emily, (olliestic 90(i hIigh.
Illarvy Ch'Rls, inachinist, res. Briggs floulse.
Iliarwood Allan P'., pres. Appleton Woolen Mi ills, res. lRipon,Wis.
lltmrwood D)aniel V. N., see. and treas. Appletonm Woolen Milk,
  res. Ripoim, Wi.
1 larwomoil Francis ,1., gel. mingr. A V.\\ool(m  M illn,res 521 Sollh.
I l'arwood Mary C. Miss, res. 521 South.
Ilarwood S. A. Mrs., res. 524 South.
I laselack Mattie Mrs., rems. 17 \V:dlut.
tIlaskin Warren, pp (ornL. iiiitr., res. 514) Atlantic.
I lfssinamn Anton (Il1assmnat Brlos.), res. 904 Collegge av.
-lTassinanl Bros. (Antom, T"l11, WenzMl antd Tosephl tiassnian
  b.), hoots and Ibhoes, 901 College av.
Ilassmonn .Woseldh Sr. (llassmanan BMr.), res. 904 (College a'v.
I lassniann Josepl hJ r. ( la:ssnmain Bros.), r(s. 904 College n v.
I lassnm'amn 'I'lheresa, res. 1,)(1I College av.
[las~sllanim Wenzel (Hlassinittill Bros.), res. 90- C {ollege av'.
I Wateh Adelbert G., toretiam  Ranlsay k, Jones, res. 77 1 Spring.
Ilatclh An nette Miss, res. 705 2dI av.
Ilatch (tora Miss, 1 k pr Smnith & Korfend, res. 751 Morrison.
Ilatch Cora A. Niss, res. 705 2d av.
tatch (4 gorge, Olk. Ramsay & Jhones, res. 774 Slring.
Ilatch Iuhiteln A., trav. salesman, ryes. 705 2d av.
tIauert Frank, elk., res. 531 Walnut.
IIIAUERT hENRY, Hlour, feed, seeds and salt, 6A    5 Aiple-
  ton, res. 970 8th.
Ilantrt Jacob Sr., rems. 5:A1 Walnut.
Ilaert .lacob ,J. (1 lanert, & Ilagenm), res. (659 Superior.
I[A U ERT& JIA(GEN(,I teol ,l . I lupert aNI WVilliamn Iagen ),
  hard ware, etc., 9(;I College av.
Ilaug John, brewer Star Blrewery, res. 545 \Tlnut.
Ilauglhawout Edmn   ld N., Iwa perukr, res. ,05 Nleadh.
Ilatuncister Williani, lab., res. Wisconsin Iiouse.
I awes Jason A. (llawes & Little), res. 57t0 College av.
1IA\WES &     LITTLE (Jason A. tlawtes and Clhiarles L. lit-
  tle), druggists and wall-paper, 765 College av.
1lawks 1lenry Q., carriage lainter 702 Alppletqn, res. S46 (tol-
  lege a V.
tlawley Josepbh B., res. 667 Oneida.
I awthorne .hohnson A., waitchinan, res. 769 ("artield.
Ilawthorne Myra Miss, res. 7609 Garfield.
Hawthorne R. Chesley, lab., res. S3( Prospect.

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