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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 69

      FUl                   69                  GA RL
Furance Mary L. (wid. John), res. 585 State rd.
Furstenberg l)aDvid L,., elk. IRudollph Schwartz, res. 3)2 Oneida.
Fnrstenberg William J.., trayv :agt. (ferge \\  & (t o., res. 131
  College av
G    ABEL Richard, lab., res. 717 Clark.
Ik_    GalGiel Adolph, cooper, 1028 8th.
Gabriel A nton, cooper, res. 418 State.
Gabriel Charles, papermkr, res. 418 State.
Gabriel Ilerman, carpenter, res. 6;86 ()neitla.
Gabriel .John, macline tender, res. Ill State.
G:abriel Kate, chair packer, res. 102S Sth.
Gaertner Andrew, feeder, res. 817 3etferson.
aftlfney Mark, lab., res. 809 Summer.
(GAIAGIf ER       CIIARLES      WV. REV., pres. Lawrence
  University, res. 515 Union, College (roondns.
Giallagher F. & Co. (Frank (Gallagher and Frank Richarison),
  in:0nters and ipaplerhangers, 898 (Col ego av.
Gallagher Franlk (F. Gallaigher F (C'o.), res. 820 Lake.
Galglagher Ida 1. Miss, res. 820 Lake.
(Gallalgher Thoimas, ship. elk., res. 820 lnlke.
(Aallow Ferdinand, lab., res. 532 ()utaganiie.
(Inlow John, lab., res. s. s ('ollg-e av., 2 w. ()utagainie.
, alpin Alfred, res. 536 College av.
(UALPIN'S ALFRED          SONS (l1arhld and Algernon S.
  Galpin) hardweare, sash, doors and paints, 722 Col leo av.
Galpin Alger'noni S. (Alfred ( Galpin's Sons), res. 486; .ohn.
a1lpin HIarold (Alfred Galpin's Sons), res. 53(; (Xollegc av.
(al'Vin Keeran, res. 655 State.
(,ane Margaret J. M., matron (,hildren's IlIoni, res. same.
aidier Chatrles, weaver, res. 7(01 Morris;on.
( Aanier Christiniia (wid. Chmrles), res. 39.(0 Jackman.
(attier Frank, weaver, res. 701 Morrisotn.
'anserer .Jacob, (qutarryman, res. 739 Clark.
(ansler Frank, lab., res. 212 Mason.
(xardlner John, papermkr, res. 411; State.
(arritY Manie, waiter Sherman lHouse.
(artz "Frederick, res. 11 O9 Oneida.
(artz Leo, shoelkr, res. 1189  t w)teida.
(artz Olga Miss, res. 1189 Oneida.
Garvey Ann (wid. Peter), res. 12011 Sth.
Garvey George, papertukr, res. 518 (Cherry.
Garvey Mary Miss, dressmaker, 687 Superior, res. same.

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