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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

[Alphabetical list of names: D],   pp. 57-62 PDF (1.3 MB)

[Alphabetical list of names: E],   pp. 62-64 PDF (672.0 KB)

Page 62

      DUN                  62 E6C
D)unn James, teamster, res. 748 Main.
D)unn Mary S. Mrs., res. 732 N. Division.
Dunn Nancy (wid. Thomas), res. 7,18 Main.
I)unn Richard, teamster, res. 649 Lake.
)unn Thomas, res. 849 Ilankin.
I)unsirn Andrew, m'ason, res. s. e. cor. Mason and Gilniore.
l)upka Emnna, servant, res. 784 N. D)ivision.
l)urdel Charles, mason, res. 600 Atlantic.
Durdel William, carpenter, res. 006 Hancock.
Durham James H., carpenter, res. 425 State.
l)urier Charles, lab., res. e. s. Story, near College av.
l)uski Henry, wood-bender, res. 561 Mviain.
l)utcher Henry, res. 1090 Packard.
D)utcher William IT., elk., res. n. w. cor. Hancock and Durkee.
l)uvall Alice Miss, res. 910 Appleton.
DUVALL WVM., mason contractor and builder, 940 Apple-
  ton, res. same.
      Miller, pres.; Edward W. Saeuberlieh, v.-l)res.; William
  Polifka, sec. and treas.; mnf.r agri. imllts. and hardware
  specialties, 739-741 Water.
Earl Oren A., res. 689 North.
Earl Pliny, elk. Mnfg. Invest. Co., res. 689 North.
Earl Xenophon, pun ps, etc., 761 College av., res. 689 North.
Earley William, carpenter, res. 907 Perry.
Easton Nellie Miss, res. 579 S. Iriver.
Ebben Anton, carpenter, res. 707 Locust.
Ebben Henry, lab., res. 1074 I,()rain.
Eber August, tanner, res. 685 Winnebago.
Eberhardt Henry, elk. N. Shafer, res. 840 College av.
Eberlein Herman, carpenter contractor, 1265 Spencer, res. same.
Ecke Oscar IL., principal lRhine hligh School, res. 712 Fisk.
Elckert Nicholas, res. 1020 8th.
E(lson Alfred, bkpr. Sec. of State, Madison, res. 504 College av.
Edwards Natlthaniel M. (Ed'wards & Orbison), res. 699 Lawrence.
Edwards & Orbison (Nathaniel M. Edlwards and Thomas W.
  Orbison), civil engineers, 758 College av.
Eggers George C., pe(l(ller, res. 540 Walnut.
Eggert Henry, carpenter, res. 1082 N. Division.
Eggleston Louis W., plumber, res. 910 Superior.
Ehrike Frederick, lab., res. 777 Summer.
Eichholz Sarah, domestic 658 Union.

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