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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.
Volume III (1891-1892)

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Page 52

      CAR                   52                CHR
Carpenter Stephen C., engineer Lawrence University, res. 438
Carpenter William, lab., res. 798 Lawe.
Carrick Charles T., miller, res. 542 Franklin.
Carroll Bridget (wid. David), res. 419 Cherry.
Carroll Dennis, policeman, res. 624 S. River.
Carroll Edward J., elk. Sherman House, res. 419 Cherry.
Carroll Ellen Miss, res. 419 Cherry.
CARTER WAM. LH., brick mnfr., w. end Carver, res. 941
Carver Warren J., broom innfr., 9P12 College av., res. same.
Case Eugene, ball player, res. Briggs IHouse.
Casey Patrick, teamster, res. 656 Richmond.
Caspersen Charles, machine tender, res. 564 Main.
Caspersen Jacob, patperinkr, res. 564 Main.
Cate Alden G., engineer, res. 751 N. D)ivision.
Cate Lina N. Miss, res. 751 N. l)ivision.
Cavanaugh Anastasia Miss, res. 1304 2d.
Cavanaugh Bernard, farmer, res. 1561 Carver.
Cavanaugh James, farmer, res. 1561 Carver.
Cavanaugh Nicholas, res. 1301 2d.
Cavanaugh. See Kavanaugh.
Cavert Charles, teamster 585 S. River, res. same.
Cavert Curtis, teamster, res. 585 S. River.
Cavert Ella Miss, res. 585 S. River.
Cavert Fred, teamster, res. 585 S. River.
Cavert William, teamster, res. 585 S. River.
Chadwick Isabella (wid. David S.), res. 877 Lawe.
Chadwick Milton G , lab., res. 877 Lawe.
Champion Pulp Mill, Robert Pride, prop., Green BaY rd., s. John.
Chandler Frank, yardmaster C. & N. W. Ry., res. 721 Clark.
Charley Joseph, carpenter, res. 765 Oneida.
Chatfield George, boarding house, 687 Oneida, res. same.
CIIENEVERT JOHN           E., prop. Briggs House, 776 Ed-
  wards, res. same.
Chenevert Joseph C., saloon, 782 Edwards, res. 691 Durkee.
Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Co., office 725 Appleton.
Children's Home, Mrs. Margaret J. Gane, matron, cor. 5th and
CHILSON WILLIAM           H., dentist, 803 College av., res.
  480 College av.
Christen Helena Miss, res. 694 Pacific.
Christen Martha Miss, res. (094 Pacific.
Christen William, res. 694 Pacific.
Christensen Annie M. Miss, res. 667 Bateman.

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