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Wright's Directory Company / Wright's directory of Appleton for 1891-92 comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc.

Wright's Appleton directory 1892. Miscellaneous directory,   pp. [13]-32 PDF (3.9 MB)

Page 14

                   STANDING COMMITTEES.
  Judiciary -and Ordinian(es-Krueger, Mayer, IBuck.
  Police and License--Neniticheck, Cole, Rlitger.
  Street Lighting--Ilamnnel, Slhtfer, Rose, Cole, Schwendler,
  Streets and  I hitlges--Bclk, la'niiiel, Barteau, Weimer,
  Neirm'aheck, Shafer.
  Fire and Water- Ititger, Bartemu, lRose, Cole, Sehwendler,
  Fi'mece--Barteaui, l larmel, Neroarhetk, Iuck, Ritger, Rose.
  I)oor--Xos, Ilammel, Nenmaelaek, layer, \Weimer, Krueger.
                    Board of Health.
  Ed. Weimer, ('lmiiries Se, hwndhler, Nick Shafer.
  Jatms Morrow, (eorge Seli hihhts, ,J. S. utick.
                 Justices of the Peace.
  First and FoIrth \ -Sanuel P.\Mitg, room    5, Odd
Fellows' bldlg., res. 5),) ]hidorado.
  Secottni and Sixth Wards--Saimel lv.:m, 812 (Colleg' t'., res.
(;51 Oneida.
  Thlird antil Fifth Wardsn.-1osepld Iotnttr, cor. ()neitla :and
Market, res. ('S0 State.
                  Board of Education.
  Meets last \Vvdie.iay in atr)i, Jtnt, S pteiher and i),cett-
ber, at (City Counc'il roo)w4.
  IL \Vinslow, o mxyor, pres.
  1. N. Stewart, suIelrinttiiilenit.
  i)irectors-W 1. M.iMerrill, ,ht. ,Kotlenti, (Geo. Schittlhles, E. II.
  Cle11rks--JohnI), SamueII .wm, (11hristiall Rohemer,
Lewis Cole.
.qehlol lloar(l--W. F. Merrill, director ; John llottensek, clerk;
  J. FF.I h.tse, tretas.
Fir~st District Sch()ol, e. s. Mentle, bet. Frankliin and Flhdrnqdo--
  lPrincip~al, M1. J!. Bur~ke; asst. tprilieilal, L~en'a A. IDarliligton.
  Teachers--Mrl. C. ( K telimstetl, Nellie I)oyle, Louise Bu.c-
  holz, Lilu Da.mon, E .Niley, N.aud     lark, Mrs. 11. M.
  Ilecker, Mrs. L. J. Newell, ,oloh Silvester.

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