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Our first 100 years, 1857-1957

The middle years--1900-1945,   pp. 20-55 PDF (14.9 MB)

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Wchlco(IcI Iyde flome--where Lutheran Aid Building now stands.
all leading European Opera houses and be-
came a member of the Chicago Civic Opera.
Although perhaps not Appleton born, our
Lawrence College staff has been famous as
being the producer of College presidents.
Bradford Raymond, 5th president of Law-
rence became president of Wesleyan Univer-
sity at Middleton, Conn. Victor Butterfield,
instructor of philosophy and psychology
followed in his foot steps. Henry Merritt
Wriston, president of Lawrence from 1925-
37 became president of Brown University in
Boston. John S. Millis, once head of physics
and Dean of Admissions at Lawrence became
president of the University of Vermont and
later president of Western    Reserve at
Cleveland. John White, Admissions Counse-
lor at Lawrence became president of the
Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago
and later president of Western Reserve.
Paul R. Anderson, once Dean at Lawrence
became president of the Pennsylvania College
for Women. Rexford Mitchell, once a pro-
fessor of speech at Lawrence became presi-
dent of State College at La Crosse and last
but not least, Nathan Marsh Pusey, Law-
rence's president from 1944 to 1952 became
the president of the oldest and most heavily
endowed university in the country, Harvard.
  From the date of the first Catholic Mass
held in the home of Hippolyte Grignon in
1848, the community has evidenced a deeply
religious spirit. Appleton supports many
congregations and boasts of many fine
churches. The earliest congregation formed
appears to have been the First Congrega-
tional Church, in 1850. Its first house of
worship was dedicated in 1854. The First
Baptist Church which followed in 1855 was
erected of timbers cut from what is now the
Lincoln school grounds.
  In 1860, St. Mary's was formed and its
great pastor, Fr. Fitzmaurice, who came in
1881 and served for nearly fifty years, will
long be remembered as Father Fitzpatrick in
Edna Ferber's "Fanny Herself." Following
in order of organization of the congregations

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