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University of Wisconsin / The winter course in dairy manufacturing, 1935-36

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tion for admittance should be made before January 15 so that provision
can be made for all who apply.
    A special four day dairy manufacturing short course will be held
March lo, II, 12, and 13, 1936. Discussions covering recent develop-
ments and subjects of current interest will be held on the manufacture
of butter, cheese, condensed milk pro.ducts, ice cream and market milk.
    The Dairy Department conducts a monthly scoring exhibition dur-
ing the year to aid the butter and cheese makers of the State of Wiscon-
sin in manufacturing better products. The packages of butter and
cheese sent here by the makers are scored by competent judges; the
scores are returned to the makers with letters of criticism and sug-
gestion. The butter and cheese are then sold and the net proceeds sent
to the exhibitors.
    Anyone desiring to take part in these exhibitions can obtain the
necessary information by addressing the Dairy Department, College of
Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin.
                         OUTSIDE ACTIVITIES
     In addition to the opportunity offered for study, the winter course
student will find many forms of outside recreation and enjoyment.
Madison is especially well located for winter sports and offers excep-
tional opportunities for skating, ice boating, tobogganing and skiing.
By the payment of a suitable fee the students are allowed the privilege
of using the university gymnasium. Former classes have usually or-
ganized their own basketball team.
     As a usual thing, a dairy school orchestra or glee club is organized
during the course, and the students interested in music are urged to
bring their musical instruments.
     Each year the student Y.M.C.A. offers the students the use of
their lounge or reading room; and the Memorial Union is well
equipped for student activities.
    Opportunities for advanced instruction in Dairy Industry are given in
    regular four-year courses in agriculture. Information regarding the four-
    year and two-year courses in agriculture may be obtained by writing to
    L. Baldwin, Assistant Dean, College of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin.
    Those who wish to become dairy farmers should take the course in farm
    dairying of the Short Courses in Agriculture. Write to the Director of
    Short Course, College of Agriculture, Madison, Wisconsin, for illustrated

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