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University of Wisconsin / The winter course in dairy manufacturing, 1935-36

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    This course will cover the composition and secretion of milk and
the factors affecting it. Instruction will be given in the use of the Bab-
cock test, acid test, lactometers, salt tests, moisture tests, and enough
dairy chemistry will be included to explain the theories underlying
these tests and the changes that take place in milk and its products.
    Lectures: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8-9. Dairy lec-
ture room 302. Laboratory; Dairy Testing Laboratory, Room 204,
Section A, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I0-12. Section B, Tues-
day, Thursday, Saturday 10-I2. (H. C. Jackson and K. G. Weckel).
                     DAIRY MECHANICS
    Instruction will be given in the operation of boilers, gas and steam
engines, soldering, pipe-fitting, belt lacing, installation and arrange-
ment of machinery, use of exhaust steam, reading blue prints and
drafting, refrigeration and the principles and practices involved in the
operation of a plant from the dairy engineering standpoint. Lecture
Dairy Building, Room 302, Wednesday, Friday, 9-io, Saturday 8-9,
Laboratory; Dairy Mechanics Laboratory, Room 303, Section A. Mon-
day 1-3, Tuesday 3-5, Wednesday 1-3, Friday I-3, Saturday 10-12.
Section B Monday 10-12, 3-5, Wednesday 10-12, Thursday 3-5, Friday
10-12. (L. C. Thomsen and F. E. Hanson).
    Instruction will be given in the methods of solving the various
problems in arithmetic that ordinarily arise in the dairy plant, such as
deal with yields, standardization, fat and solids calculations, methods
of paying for milk and manufacturing record keeping. Particular em-
phasis is placed on management problems. In addition to this, a set of
dairy plant accounts will be kept by the student.
    Laboratory; Dairy Lecture Rocm 302. Section A Monday 3-5,
Tuesday and Thursday 1-3. Section B. Monday, Wednesday and Fri-
day 1-3. (L. C. Thomsen).
    The marketing of butter; American and foreign cheese; and fluid
milk; the factors affecting the price of dairy products; the importance
of quality, trade brands and sales policy; storage; imports and ex-
ports; and cooperative marketing. Dairy Lecture Room 302, Monday
9-io. (M. A. Schaars).

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