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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Winter courses in agriculture for farm boys--1929-30

Regulations of winter courses,   pp. 9-11 PDF (567.3 KB)

Expenses,   pp. 11-14 PDF (707.5 KB)

Page 11

  Certificates may be given for each 18 credits of work com-
pleted by graduates who return and complete additional sub-
  In special cases where students of the Winter Courses
meet the University entrance requirements for collegiate
courses the Executive Committee will consider granting of
credits for Winter Course subjects in which a grade of 85
per cent or more has been recorded.
  Satisfactory home project work may be substituted for
one and one-half credits in either the first or second year
schedule. This credit is granted only upon presentation of
satisfactory final records as required in Boys' and Girls'
Club work of the state or its equivalent.
  The expenses of the Winter Course except Dairy Manu-
facturing consist of general and college fees as follows:
  General Expenses. The chief expenses are for room and
board. The following are estimates for the year as secured
from student reports for the winter of 1928-29:
    Room-average price of $3 per person
        per week ...........   ......... $45.00 per year
    Board-average of $6.50 per week ..$97.50
    Books-supplies, etc., and miscellan-
         eous .............  ........... $25.00
  Room and Board. The expenses for room and board de-
pend on the requirements of the individual and his willing-
ness to room at a distance from the college section. Two or
Buttermaking at Dairy School

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