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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Miscellaneous activities,   pp. 19-22 PDF (1015.7 KB)

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    r. Farm mee-tngs were held in the county on farm buildings.
       These meetings had to do with the following building problems.
       1. Building materials
       2. Building insulation
       3. Building ventilation
       4. Location of buildings
       5* Remodeling buildings
       6, Lights for farm buildings
       7. Concrete construction
       8. Concrete repair
       9. Concrete silos and their repair
       10. Sewage and water systens
       reThe countagent continued to help dairymen sign up under the
       voluntary Bangs Disease Eradication program.
       1. During the year November 1, 1939 to October 31, 19409 16
          herd owners signed for a voluntary test totaling 352 cows.
   B. A complete Bangs Disease file on all herds in Winnebago County
      is maintained in the county agent's office.
      1. Any farmer at any tine may got a complete analysis on his
          Bangs tests by coming into the county agentIs office.
   Co Certified Herds
       1. All certified Bangs Certificates have been handled through
           the county agent's office.
   D. Bougs Disease Statistics for Winnebago County
       1. 230 herds are certified totaling 5505 cows.
       2. 23% of the county's dairy cows are tested.
   A*W nnebago Countyts weed program is still one largely of
       education. This program has consisted of --
       1. Identification of Creeping Jenny
       2. Chemical control of creeping Jenny, canada thistle and
           quack grass.
        3. Fallowing to control creeping Jenny.
        4. Cutting nurse crops of small grains in keeping thistles
           from seeding.
    Be Definite weed programs have been worked out in two townships --
        1. Vlinchester
           2A Program consisted of the following steps.
              1. Weed letters in the form of "Winchester Wneed Flashes"
                 to all farmers in the township. Letters consisted of:
                   a. Means of identifying creeping Jenny
                   b. How to control creeping Jenny and Canada thistle
                      by chemical and cultural methods.
              2. Farm meetings to identify creeping Jenny
              3. Demonstration farm meetings on the method to use
                 in applying chemicals in weed control.
              4. Demonstration plots to show effect of sodium
                 chlorate in controlling creeping Jenny.
           B. Result of Winchester weed program.
              1. Town voted to furnish sodium chlorate free to any
                 land owner asking for it. Weed Commissioer applied
                 the chemical.

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