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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Miscellaneous activities,   pp. 19-22 PDF (1015.7 KB)

Page 19

              MISCELLANEOUS            ACTIVITIES        19.
              ............................ . ............................
........................... ..   ........  .............
  A. The county Fruit and Garden Growers .ssociation.was maintained
     with a program including:
       1. 12 monthly meetings
       2. Maintained two orchard spray rings
       3. Conducted one orchard tour
       4. Exhibited spray ring fruits at the county fair
          in a special exhibit
       5. Held a garden tour
       6. Held an apple identification contest
       7, Held one landscape tour of inspection
       8, Arranged for a special series of landscape schools, 1940-41.
       9. Maintained an active paid-up membership of approximately
          50 members.
      10. Affiliated themselves with the State Horticultural
      11. Affiliated members with the Southeastern fruit growers
          association and cooperatively purcha sed fruit and garden
          growers supplies through this cooperative.
      12. Held a spraying demonstration
      13. Conducted one grafting demonstration
        A Rural Leadership Training School was held at the Allenville
    Grange Hall' This school was directed by Miss Madeline Stevens
    of New York City and was held for the purpose of instructing
    delegates of rural organizations in better leadership methods.
    This was a 4"day school and was attended by approximately
    65 people.
     A. Grasshoppers - Only one township seemed to have a serious
        grasshopper infestation this last summer. That was the town
        of Winchester. A mixing station was set up in the town of
        Winchester from which a pproximately 6 ton of bait was
     B. Climbing Cutworms(er Army Worms) - The county had a
        serious army worm infestation*  .bout two ton of poison bait
        was distributed to infested fields.   Natural enemies and
        heavy rains destroyed most of them,
     C. Corn Borer - Corn borer is in Winnebago County and is widely
        Z11s Trlbiy'edo The county agent located many fields and
        recdmmonded procedure. Corn borers are a problem that face
        Winnebago County farmers.

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