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Annual report: county agricultural committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

4-H club work,   pp. 16-18 PDF (862.3 KB)

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/ 6.
           Youth activities through 4-H club organizations was a
major project again the last year. Rural youth of today will be the
farmers and homemakers of tomorrow, Upon them must rest a large
share of our hopes for rural America. Practical training to better
prepare these boys and girls is one of the objectives of 4-H club
work. The history of our agricultural progress reveals that many
of our finest improvements in farming and homemaking have been
introduced to the farm rural areas through the 4-H club boy and girl,
F-:ur-H club work in Winnebago County is one of the better ways of
reaching the rural communities with an educational program.
           The second objective of the 4-1 club program stressed
in rinnebago County is the development of farm leadership. Through
a full, club program our boys and girls are being trained to
understand the agricultural problems w ork out solutions, and
above all else are developing an ability by which they may stand up
before people and present a thorough discussion of agricultural
           The county 4-H club program was headed by the county
agricultural agent and the county home agent. These two leaders
were guided in their w ork by a council of county 4-H club leaders.
This 4-H club council was a policy making group upon which the
county agents depended for helpful guidance.
           The 4-H executive Council is ccmposed of 12 A4H club
leaders -- 6 adult leaders and 6 junior leaders. The council meets
on an average of once each six weeks with a full slate of officers
in charge. Upon the council rested the responsibility of drawing
up the 4-H club program for the year nnd directing its execution.
This type of organization has accomplished much in unifying the
county 4-H club program and bringing about a better club program
with an achievement of 78s5%, the highest in Winnebago Countyls
4-H history.
           Highlights of the 1940 Winnebago County 4- H club
program were:
    1 525 club members
    2. 39 4-H clubs
    3. 55 adult leaders
    4. 28 junior leaders
    5. 71% achievement
    6. County 4-H club council maintained with regular meetings.
    7. Leaders training schools were held to give assistance to
       4-H leaders.
    8, One-day dairy judging schools held
    9. One-d6y livestock judging school held.
    10. A county 4-H club roundup was held to select the county
       de]egates to the state contests.  The following teams and
       individuals were s elected to represent the county at the
       State Fair in the boys' divisicns.

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