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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Crop and soil improvement,   pp. 13-14 PDF (629.6 KB)

Page 14

                                 1i1I               Bu.  Lbs.  Value
Name    Soil     Grain    Treatment     Yield Yiold Inc. Inc.    of
                                        Grain Straw            Inc.
County  Superior  Barly   0-20-0        75.7  5020 22.1   5
Farm    Clay              0-20-10       72.8  4272 19.2  754   10.73
        Loam              0-20-20       78.0  4250 24.4  732  13.30
                          Av.2 checks  53.6  3518
5.  Two fertilizer plots on peas were carried out in cooperation
    with the Winneconne Canning Company. Three different fertilizers
    were used on the peas which were used in each plot with an
    acre check. Peas on these plots were cut separately, vined
    separately and cleaned and canned separately so that a complete
    check could be gotten on the fertilizers.
6.       The results of all fertilizer trials carried on in the
    county the past year will be given out to farmers at a series
    of soil meetings to be hold this caning winter.   The results
    of the plots will be accompanied by colored pictures of the
    plots in the various stages.
7.  BARLEY SCHOOL -- A one-day barley school was held in the county.
    =e school consisted of exhibits, demonstrations, discussion on
    barley raising, produc tion and marketing and a complete
    analysis of samples of barley brought in for trueness to typeo
    Some 75 samples of barley were brought to the school and
    analyzed by specialists in the barley field.   Seed treating and
    cleaning demonstrations were given,
8.  ROD ROW PLCTS OF BARLEY -- Feeling that a good cross section of
    aerlyb-eing produced In Winnebago County might be secured, the
    samples of barley brought into the barley school were planted
    in rod rows on plots arranged for on the Winnebago County farm.
    These rod rows of barley were raised and at the time of
    maturity, specialists came in and made an analysis of the
    purity of the grain. The farmers who brought in samples of
    barley to be analyzed were invited in to observe the analysis of
    their barley growing in the a result of this type of
    work.  Barley producers received valuable infonnation on
    whether or not their barley was suitable for growing purposes.
    Farmers having barley meeting the high standards set up by the
    barley specialists were asked to have their barley certified
    and be used as a source of seed stock for the coming year.
    As a result, 17 farmers certified their grain which will be used
    as a source of good seed stock this next year.
         In connection with the rod row barley plots on the county
     farm, various types were run in cooperation with the College of
     Agriculture on new varieties of oats, rye wheat and flax.    Ais
     a result of these plots, local farmers had the opportunity to
     observe the new Viclund Oats for the firs t time. These
     variety plots were checked for diseases and production.
9.  POTATOES -  To counteract the result of disease in potatoes
    in Winnebago County, two truckloads of certified seed potatoes
    were brought in and distributed to the farmers. These potatoes
    were brought in from areas known to be free of potato
    diseases, especially the wilt and yellows diseases.

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