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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

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        ......... ...... .......................   ..............................................................
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     Poultry was a new major project on the County
Agricultural Extension program the last year. A new
extension method was used to develop the year's
poultry program.     The method used was as follow s --
    -T- -o Kr-+ Pn one -4 - - - -o 1+-- Kno --- 4m Vhn
    ±1±1 eALI VJ. 1 UJ- ,  UO U 1;-LUL   tt  pJUUJ. U-  U .L-U
4L[1  ULLt U
would best serve a 11 poultry interests, a meeting
was called of hatchery men, veterinarians, feed
dealers, produce men and a few flock owners. This
group outlined the follow'ing program which was and
is being carried out,
1. Poultry clinic - attended by all folks interested
   in poultry including veterinarians. Diseased
   birds were broughat in and posted. 46 birds were
   posted. Purpose -- Bring about a unifonm
   diagnosis of poultry diseases and recomCen(atiamns
   for eradication and control.
2. Poultry Schools:
    A. Poultry schools wero located in the county
                       at: Oshkosh, Qmro, Larsen, and Neenah.
                    B. Thr'3o meetings were held at each location
                       for poultry flock owners covering the following
                          1. Feed and managanont of the laying flock.
                          2. Hatching, brooding and raising a
                             laying flock.
                          3. Poultry diseases and parasites
3. Demonstration Flocks:
    A. Six danonstration flocks were selected in the county for the
       purpose of study. Complete records were kept on each flock.
         l Summer meetings were hold on each of these fhrr-s    Flock
            owners were invited in to look over flock management
            practices being used.
    B. :nfcrmati=n gathered on these demonstrational flocks will be
       used in 1941 poultry meetings

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