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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Dairy program,   pp. 5-9 PDF (1.4 MB)

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          One testing association in W7innebago County continues
testing as before with 22 members
          Winnebago County has three bull rings. Under this plan,
four farmers form a ring and purchase four bulls in partnership,
rotating these bulls once each year.
          By the time each of these bulls have spent one year on
each farm, the first daughters will be coming into production. At
that time, through testing associations, their value can be
          Thirteen sires are being used under this plan at the
present time in three bull rings in the county. After they have
proved themselves either good or bad, there will still be only one
crop of calves in each herd. The daughters from the poor bulls can
then be eliminated and the use of the better bulls can be
concentrated. This is a sound plan as part of a good dairy program
and will help to offset two conditions that have been tragic,
namely: one, where the production of high producing herds has been
torn down by using one poor bull after another, and second by makinL
bologna out of the good bull before his value was appreciated.
          This bull ring plan should develop rapidly in the near
future, but of course must be followed by bull paddocks for properly
exercising the bulls and possibly the use of artificial insemination
as these old bulls that prove valuable must be kept alive and useful
for many years.
          Winnebago County Holstein Breeders made a great step
forward this last year when five county herds wore officially
classified for type by the official classification committee of
the National Holstein Friesian Association. The importance of
this step can be appreciated when it is realized that five
official judges from different sections of the United States came
into these breeders herdsand placed the official stamp of
approval on the type of cattle being bred by these men for seed
stock to neighboring dairymen,
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