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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

Dairy program,   pp. 5-9 PDF (1.4 MB)

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          Winnebago County is basically a dairy county. From dairy
cattle and dairy products our farmers receive approximately one-half
of their farm income. This fact challenges us to develop as complete
and well-balanced a dairy program as possible. Winnebago County is
one of the dairy counties that has made outstanding progress in
building toward sound dairy improvement.
          Winnebago's dairy program can be divided into several
phases, each to be discussed separately.
              Age  aidh ma'             _    ' ~~~~~~~/ -An r.|
          1940 marked a new era for 17innebago County in the field of
Dairy Herd Improvement. With the organization of the Winnebago
County Dairy Herd Improvement Cooperative Testing Association, state
and national attention has been focused upon its new testing
          Over a year and a half ago, county dairymen began
discussing a new plan of testing cavs that would accomplish more
than had ever been realized before. A special committee was
appointed in January, 1939, and working with Dr. E. E. Heizer, head
of the dairy husbandry department of the College of Agriculture, an,
the county agentprogressed steadily with their plan for a new and
better plan of testing cows for Winnebago County cattle owners.
          This special planning committee held many meetings and
considered various plans of testing. From all these meetings came
suggestions that finally took shape and worked into the development
of the Winnebago County Dairy Herd Improvement Cooperative Testing
Association. Winnebago County claims the distinction of actually
putting into operation, the first testing association of its kind
in W"isconsin and the United States.
          Under this new plan of testing, three objectives wore kept
in mind.  First and foremost was to give dairymen that were testing
more and better service; second, to test more finnebago County cows;
and, third, to make available to dairymen a plan of testing that was
best suited to his needs.   These objectives, it is believed, have
been realized in the cooperative testing association set up started
in Winnebago County,
Purpose - This new Dairy Herd Improvement program is designed to
    meet the needs of all dairymen within the county from the
    standpoint of service and cost.
Organization - This is a non-stock cooperative incorporated under
    state=w.    Its policies are determined by the members, a board
    of six directors and the county agent. The association maintain,
    a central laboratory and office for testing all milk samples
    and calculating of all herd records.

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