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Annual report: County Agricultural Committee, Winnebago County: November 1, 1939 to October 31, 1940

To the honorable Board of Supervisors, Winnebago County,   pp. 2-4 PDF (779.7 KB)

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          I would like each of you to give thought to this program
of work as I report to you the actual work carried out during the
year. You will note that practically all phases of the proposed
program have been touched upon and carried out by the county agent.
          One other thought in regard to the program of work as
carried out and a word as to the philosophy in which it was
          The total number of farmers in Winnebago County
approximate 2700. On these farms there is a great variance of
interests. Some are interested in swine, some in soils and so forth.
Secondly, it is humanly impossible for one man to attempt to visit
each farm. The next best effort is to carry on a program of work
that entails as many of these interests as possible. In that way
everyone regardless of their individual interests will find someti
on the county agent's program of work that they are interested in
and by participating may gain from the county extension program.
Upon these theories, the county agent's program functioned. As a
result; the year's work shows that most of the agricultural interes,
in Winnebago County have been touched upon in one way or another and
that anyone regardless of their interest could have found some par'
of the work to their liking.
           It gives me pleasure, as the Agricultural Extension Agent
of .7innebago County, to report to this honorable body the actual
accomplishments of the county agricultural comnittee and the county
agricultural agent in carrying out the agricultural extension
program the last year.
           In presenting this progress report, may I just briefly
call your attention to several important points which must be
considered when reviewing a program of work such as that of this
   1. The actual territory over which this work extends.
   2. The large number of individuals, families, groups and
      organizations that the work extends to.
   3. The far-reaching and boundless extent of such a program,
   4. This is an educational program.   Its results are not
      always concrete and its influence will extend on
      indefinitely into the future years.
   5..From necessity, individual   and group organization  help is
      necessary in promoting such a program of work.
   6. The county agent's program is an educational program. It is
      not his job to dictate to farmers and tell them how they
      should farm or what they shall or shall not do. It is the
      responsibility of the county agent to make available to the
      farm people of his county, the newevt and best information
      available on current farm problems. When the county agont
      has accomplished this his job is done. Farmers then must
      decide if such information is of value to them in their farm

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