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Wright's directory of Waukesha 1909-10 together with a complete directory of Waukesha County comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a numerical street directory; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of villages and county officers, the public and private schools, banks, churches, societies, etc.

Waukesha directory: miscellaneous information,   pp. [17]-30

Page 24

Gagr Mnfg. Co.-Ine. 1906; capital $50,000; Charles E. -Nel-
son pres; G. W. Tassel v-pres; -A._ L. Blackstone see; J. G.
Gelr tress; R. C. Liauer 2d v-pres. 521 W. Main.
Ilardy-Ryan Abstract Co.-T. E. Ryan pres; S. B. Mlills v-
pres; -WAilliam HT. Hardy Jr. see. William HT. Hardy Sr. treas.
2628Ovitt blk. 515 Grand av.
Iloag & Rakin iGrain & Feed Co. The-Inc. 1894; Geo. Hoag
pe;Frank B. Hoag v-.pres; S. A. Rankin see; Carl HT. Saw-
yer treas. 201-211 W. St. Paul av.
Ket ILnbricating Co.-Ine. 1895; capital $100,000; E. K. West
pres; J. Al. Kendall v-pres; W. W. Wight see; L. H1. West
treas-gen-ng.r. 209-210, 515 Grand av.
Ladewig & Stock Co.-Inc. 1906; caipital $25,000; William E.
Ladewig pres-treas; WVilliamn F. Ladewig v-pres: Hlenry F.
Stock see. bottlers' miachinery, 227 Mladison.
Mills & Minor Co. The-ITnc. 1902; capital $20,000; J. J. Fischer
pros; Hugo A. Fischer v-pres-mingr; Rt. J. Fischer see-treas.
gen. nidse. 429 W. Mlain.
Moemn Steel Structural Co.-Ine. 1900; S. B3. Harding pres;
George Harding v-pres; R. H1. S;impson see. e. en einon
National Water Co. (Whiite Rock dept.) -James Al. Kerr ngr.
n. end White Rock av.
Pleir& Abell Lumebr Co.-C. P. Emery pres; (G. Robinson
v-pr;s Fred 1). Abell see-trets, 113 E. Broadway.
P tn Bos. Co.Inc. 1895; capital $25,000; Henry 0. Puitney
po;Aaron S. Plitney Sr. sec-tress. dept. store, 513-519
Grn  v. and 339 South.
ResbaenCo.-Caipital $0,0: Alber Al. M.urphy pres;
Al.M Thompson v-pres; J. J. Williams sec-tress. 310O Area-
RbrsDavid Dr. Veterinary Co.-Ine. 1904; capita 1 20,000;
D~r. David Roberts pres; 11.,1H. Willianms v-pes- ngr; HT. E.
Barsee-treas. 506-512 G'rand av.
SclyAuguist Co. Thie--Capital $16,0: J. C. Schley pres;
Mr.K  .Kenison sec,-treas; F. S . Kenisn mingr. dept. store,
205 M adio and 102-104 AN" St. Pauitl av.
Silria  Srinrs  o.The-The. 1908; capital $250,000 0. R.
Hansn pes:C .L. Borst \-pres; W. H1. Sb nners see-treas.
B   ugC.The-Nick Burke pres; Edwvard B ,ke
so(-tea - Olo E.  umbuer ngr. 237 Delafield.
Viflg-eof  auk-sb Autual Fire In,. Co.-n Ne May 2, 1889
Joh. L Goparpros; A. C. Nictkell v-pres; G1. A. Votteler
tras Joh Brehm Jr. sec. :342 W. Main.
Waikesa Aeadan Co. The-Fred Phelps pros-treas A. L.

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