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Hennessey and Company / Standard atlas of Walworth County, Wisconsin : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county, patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information analysis of the system of U.S. land surveys

Reference directory of Walworth County,   pp. IV-XII

Page V

Allyn, J. P.
Delavan Township
F   Delavan
Boyce, C.                  F
Barlow, H. H.             F
Prop. of the Manhattan Hotel.
Beckman, A.
Delavan Lake.
Brigham, R.                F    Elkhorn
Boon, Cornelius            F    Delavan
Buckles, Joseph            F          "
Baker, L. H. & W. A.       F    Elkhorn
Bristol, C. R.             F    Delavan
Briggs, W. W.              F
Bryne, J.                  F    Elkhorn
Burton, A. A.              F    Delavan
Briggs, H. A.
Retired Farmer.
Bowers, E. M.              F
Count, A. W.               F    Elkhorn
Campbell Bros.             F    Delavan
Cavanaugh, Ed.             F         "
Conklin, J. H.             F    Elkhorn
Cusack, Win.               F    Delavan
Cody, J. W.                F
Conry, B.                  F
Darlington, H. P.
Summer Resident.
Dowling, Jas.              F
Duggan, M.
Farm and Stock Raiser.
Dukelow, A. M.             F
Dunwiddie, M. E.           F
Erickson, Frank
Cottages and boats to rent at Delavan Lake.
Finley F.                  F     Elkhorn
Flynn, Richard             F          "
Furey, G. W.               F          "
Gant, J. D.                F    Delavan
Goetz, Fred E. R.          F
Manager Delavan Poultry Farm.
Guile, R.
Prop. Spring Lawn Hotel, Delavan Lake.
Hurdis Bros.              -     Elkhorn
Hoag, Ira                  F    Delavan
Hickson, G. W.             F    Walworth
Heagman, A. S.             F    Delavan
Hanson, Fred               F         "
Hulton, Geo.               F    Elkhorn
Harris, W. C.              F    Delavan
Hollister, G. B.           -
Prop. Log Cabin Delavan Lake.
Hollister, J. J.           F       i'
Ives, C. P.                F    Elkhorn
Prop. of Willow Ridge Stock Farm.
James, D. M.               F    Delavan
Jensen, F                  F    Walworth
Jones, F. B.               -     Delavan
Summer resident.
Jennings, J. Elliot        -
Breeder of Standard Bred Trotting Horses.
Jones, R. W.               -     Elkhorn
Kane, M.
Kishner, Geo.
King, P. R.
Summer resident.
SEC. R. F. D     Pottberg, Fred             -     Delavan
NO.           Prop. Petersburg Hotel.
17       3      Peterson, P.                F
2        7     Powers, John                F
5       4      Powers, Chas.               F
Powers, David               F
28       3      Prudames, C.                F
Phillips Bros.                       "
35       2          Horse Breeders, Trotters and Pacers.
33       3      Parsons, T. L               F
27       3      Phillips, E. F. & C. W.     -
13       2          Propr's of Lake Lawn Hotel, Delavan Lake.
16       3      Rickcords, G. E.           -
19       4          Summer resident.
10       7      Rivers, J. P.               -
9       3          Prop. of Riverdale Hotel, Delavan Lake.
3       1      Roswell, Henry              F    Elkhorn
Richards, C. Mrs.           F
7              Reynolds, J. H.             F
11       -      Reynolds, M. E.             F    Delavan
4       4      Roeker, F.                  F    Elkhorn
34        3         Cider Mfg.
26        2     Roeker, M. W.               F    Delavan
20      -       Ross, B. C.                 F         "
Saxton, J. F.             F
Stevens, C. A.
Supmer resident.
Sherman, W.               F
Sage, Chas.
Prop. of Highland Park Hotel.
Sutter, L. P.             F
Sullivan, P. H.           F
Stearns, C. S.            F
Smith, H. H.              F
Smith, 0. S.              F
Southwick, W. H.          F
Southwick, Elmer          F
Serl, C. H.               F
Stall, B. C.              F
Schweyer, John
Summer resident.
Thomas, R. H.
32       3     Totten, J.
Tilden, Edward
11       2         Summer resident.
32       3     Vorpahl, Wm.
t 4
26        3     Williams, C. F.              F
23        3     Williams, R. J.              F
13        2     Williams, A.                 F
30        3     Williams, T. F.               F
29        3     Willmore, Ed.                F
Wall, Thos.                  F
16        3     White Bros.                  F
Breeders of Percheron Horses.
24        2     Wallis, H. H.
Real Estate.
19        4     Willey, Geo. W.              F
34        1     Willey, F. M.
33        3         Gen. Merchandse.
Winkleman, W. C.             F
9        4         Prop. of Creamery
Woodford, A.                 F
10       7      Welch, J. H.                 F
Wirts, J. C.                 F
Wait, W. C.                   F
-     Delavan
Luke, Aloys                -    Burlington, Wis.
Contractor and Builder of Woven Wire Fence.
Loomer, H.                 F    Delavan
Linn, A.                   F    Elkhorn
Lantz, A. R.              -     Delavan
Prop. Spring Lawn Resort, Delavan Lake.
Mills, M. E.               F    Elkhorn
Mills, H. M.               F        "
Madden, John               F    Delavan
Melges, W. A.             -        g
Prop Woodlawn Bay Hotel, Delavan Lake.
Mc Guire, B.               F
Mereness, G. W.            F
Muzzy, E.                  F
Mc Laren, W. P.            F
Minshall, S.               F
Mills, C. S.               F    Elkhorn
V'elges, A.               -     Delavan
Woodlawn Bay Hotel.
Norton, M. A. Mrs.        -
Oleson. H.
F   Elkhorn
32        3
5        4
Geneva Township
Abel, L. M.                 F
Ames, J. E.                 F
Abbott, Frank
Gen. Mdse. and Town Clerk.
3     Brillenthin, B.
Brillenthin, Mrs. Ida
4     Boyle, H.
3     Baker, F.
1     Brown, H. H.
4         Stock Raiser.
4     Burns, T.
Bramley, H.
3     Ball, A. W.
Ball, W.
1     Bradt, B.
Bradt, Mary J.
Ball, F.
Lake Geneva
SEC. R. F. D.
-         3     Clauer, F.
Stock Raiser.
4       4      Condon, F.
35       3      Curtis, Walter
35       3          Stock Raiser.
35       3      Campbell, J. F.
30       4          Stock Raiser.
20              Crodan, M. Mrs.
8       1      Doberth, F.
82       1     De Groff, G. B.
Delap, H.
Delap, A. A.
29       3      Davis, B.
Dunlap, C.
31       3      Dunbar, W. E.
Dalrymple, H.
23        2         Stock Raiser.
25       2      Dalrymple, F.
24        2         Stock Raiser.
10       3      Deignan, C. T.
2       7          Supervisor.
10       3      Elsworth, L. E.
10       3      Fish, J. M.
6       1          Stock Raiser.
29       3      Fish, L. J.
Folman, Chas.
26       2          Stock Raiser.
28       3      Flack, M. C.
Fairchild, Mrs. D. D.
Stock Raiser.
31        4     Frey, J. C.
31       2Stock Raiser.
24        2
16       3      Frey G. F.
17       3      Fitzgerald, J.
36       2      Fitzgerald, M.
17              Gray, E. W.
8       4      Genens, J.
8       4      Guif, H. J.
21       3      Gates, Frank
F    Elkhorn
F       i
F    Lake Geneva
F    Lake Geneva
F       I
F    Springfield
F    Elkhorn
F        "
F    Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva
Hiram D. Hill              F    Elkhorn
11             Hare, J.                   F    Lake Geneva
5       4     Hendricks, F.              F    Elkhorn
21       3     Hague, J.                  F        "
Henry, A.                  F    Springfield
23       3     Holcomb, W. P.             F    Elkhorn
5             Holt, H, M.                F        1.
36       2     Harvey, A. T. Mrs.         F
35       2     Hurdis, T. R.              F
Stock Raiser.
35       2     Hicks, M. Mrs.             F    Springfield
2             Hudson, G.                 F    Elkhorn
2       7     Hoga, A. H.                F    Lake Geneva
Harris, A. W.              F    Lake Geneva
33                 Proprietor of Kemah Pony Farm and Stock Raiser.
Hambrecht, W.              F        "
25       2      Jackson, H.
25       2      Johnson, Oscar
Stock Raiser.
23       2      Johnson, G.
13       2      Kelly, John
X3       2         Stock Raiser.
9       4      Kull, J. W.
8       4      King, A.
Kruger, Fred
Stock Raiser.
Kelter, Michael
Stock Raiser.
Krouse A.
Kruger, Wm.
Lean, R. J.
SEC. R. F. D.    Lasch, F.
NO.       Ledger, D.
11       5         Stock Raiser.
12       5
21       2      Milbrath, G. C.
Milbrath, H.
9       F,        Stock Raiser
F    Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva
23        2
Morehouse, I.             F
Manning, W. H.            F
Raiser of Short Horn Cattle.
Miller, H.                F
Stock Raiser.
Mc Lean, Bros.            F
Mc Donald, T. J.          F
Nohelty, P.               F
Petrie, E. C.             F
Palmer, E. E.             F
Park, H.                  F
Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva
10        5
28        2
34        2
2   5
1   -
16   2
17   2
20   2
35         2
8        2
14        5
13        5
33         2
3       5
3       5
5       5
2       5
2       5

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