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Hennessey and Company / Standard atlas of Walworth County, Wisconsin : including a plat book of the villages, cities and townships of the county, patrons directory, reference business directory and departments devoted to general information analysis of the system of U.S. land surveys

Classified business directory of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin,   p. III

Classified business directory of Whitewater, Wisconsin,   p. III

Page III

Classified Business Directory of Lake,Geneva, Wisconsin
Arnold, R. B., drugs and stationery
Barnett, W. L., general merchandise
Barr, J. E., clothing, furnishings and shoes
Brown, Lewis, attorney-at-law
Buell, E. A., implements and vehicles
Bullock, Arthur G., city clerk
Burdick, H. A., attorney-at-law
Burton-Denison & Davidson, flour, feed and grain
Chelini, Barney, candy, ice cream and fruits
Cobb Hardware Co., hardware and stoves
Cornell, E. M., photographer
Cutteridge, C. H., dentist
Davidson, E., mayor
Dennison Hotel, J. C. Farrell, proprietor
Durkee,IF. M., coal, lime and cement
Equitable Electric Light Co., James G. Allen, secretary
and treasurer
Farmers National Bank, E. D. Richardson, cashier
First National bank, Josiah Barfield, cashier
French, Charles S., lawyer
Gilbert, C. D., grocery
Grant, Mrs. A. L., furniture and undertaker
Grier, T. H., implements and vehicles
Hanafin, D. E., Lake House Saloon
Hanna S. S., furniture and undertaker
Haskins, H. E., surveyor
Johnson, .Frank, grocery
Kaye, A. M., attorney-at-law
Kaye, C. A., dentist
Kestol, C. C., real estate and insurance
Kohn Bros., Northwestern Saloon
Kohn & Jennings, clothing, furnishings, shoes
Kull, Frederick, attorney-at-law
LaSalle C. 0., general contractor and builder
McGraw, A. E., livery
MacDonald, W. H., physician and surgeon
Matter, L. E., physician and surgeon
McGraw & Manley, saloon
Moore, F. S., hardware and stoves
O'Brien, J. W., saloon
Pratt, H. J., photographer
Quigley & Crodan, saloon
Reynolds, J. C., physician and surgeon
Rogers, H., & Son, jewelers and opticians
Rowe, Paul G., physician and surgeon
Seelye, N. L, physician and surgeon
Sherman's livery and sale stable
Sherman, J. G., real estate
Sampson, L. D., general agent National Life of Vermont
Seymour, John V., ice
Short,'R., D., & Son, livery and feed stable
Smith & Lock, grocery and crockery
The Herald, John E. Nethercut, publisher
The Lake Geneva News, Lake Geneva Publishing Co.,
Traver & Parshall, grocery and hardware
Tyrrell, Franklin J., attorney-at-law
Tyrrell, H. B., dry goods, cloaks and shoes.
White, Henry H., Springfield and Lake Geneva Stage
Classified Business Directory of Whitewater, Wisconsin
Alrick, Andrew K., boots and shoes
Baade, Henry, dry goods.
Bagley, Mark J., M. D.
Baker, Lewis C., hardware
Bonnett, E. & Sons, masons' supplies
Bonnett, Elias, contractor and builder
Beach, Z. P., President Union Produce Co.
Behlman, Simon, farmer
Braaten, Martin 0., drugs
Campbell, G. W., groceries
Carey, Edward L., M. D.
Cass, Edwin T., attorney
Chaffee, George C., furniture
Citizens State Bank, I. U. Wheeler, cashier
Coe, Dwight B., miller
Cutter, Burr E., hardware
Coxe, James C., groceries
Criger, H. F., M. D.
Criger, James J., marble works
Dierfield, H. A. & Sons, groceries
Duflin, L. A. & Co., drugs
Dutcher, F., real estate
Downs, Rev. M. E., pastor St. Patrick's Church
Dadmun Bros., grain and flour
Dunn, John F., M. D.
Empire Flour Mills, Moses Hotchkiss, proprietor
Eugbretsou, Edward, dry goods
Erickson, Lewis, grocer
Ferris, Alvord, dry goods
Finch, F. M. & M. M., hardware
Fulton, J. L, President Fair Association
Fryer, Frank N., attorney.
First National Bank, F. M. Thayer, cashier
Fowler, H. E., dentist
Goodhue, Frank B., furniture
Hamilton, H. 0., lawyer
Hall, Frank P., groceries
Halverson Bros. Co., The, clothing
Halverson, Henry A., books and wall paper
Hickey, Gordon R. dentist
Holmes, Frank, insurance
Hyslop, Fredrick R., M. D.
Kestol, James G., attorney
Kizer, F. Henry, attorney
Klinger, Nicholas, brewer
Leffingwell, Henry C., livery
Leland, Aaron G., M. D.
Leland, Abram M., M. D.
Lindsay, Hugh E.
McKay, Thomas F., dentist
McMiller & Utter, real estate
Miller, Charles J., M. D.
McFarlane, John
Miller, Howard C., M. D.
Nichols, E. R., & Co., lumber
Nelson, P. H.
O'Connor, Henry J., drugs
O'Connor, R. & Son, drugs
Page, Joseph H., attorney
Pattee, G. H. & Son, hardware
Salisbury, Albert, President Whitewater Normal School
Schlaich, F. X., meat market.
Scholl, Andrew E., groceries
Sedgwick, J. F., miller.
Schlaich & Ward, meats
Smith, Henry C., furniture
Spooner Bros., groceries
Smith, Joel B., farmer
Steenson, Nels H., general store
Stewart, W. L. R., general store
Taft, Jesse W., M. D.
Thiele & Son, undertakers
Tratt, Paul H., attorney
Tratt, Ralph, farmer
Teeple, G. L., county surveyor
Whitewater Brewing Co.
Ward, John H., livery
Waterman, Garrett, real estate
Wener, Samuel, dry goods
Wetmore, John C., real estate
Whitewater Gazette, Fred R. Bloodgood, proprietor
Whitewater Register, Edwin D. Coe, proprietor
Whitewater Water Works, Fred Basch, president and
Whitewater Lumber Co., Jerome Baker, agent
Weaver, A. J., Prin. Morris Pratt Institute

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