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Satz, Ronald N. / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 79, No. 1

Bibliography and sources cited,   pp. 209-251 ff. PDF (9.6 MB)

Page 219

Chippewa Treaty Rights
1987b    "Delegates Protest Indian Treaty Rights as Unfair."
30, pp. IA, 2A.
1988a    "Historian Says Facts Ignored: Indians Lost Spearing Rights
Over a Century Ago,
         Professor Says." May 2, pp. IA, 2A.
1988b    "Hanaway: Private Treaty Talks Not Right," May
7, p. IA.
1988c    "Professor Denounces Treaty Myths." May 16, p.
1989     "Time Travel: Research Can Reveal History of Treaties."
October 15, pp. IA, 10A.
1990a    "Counties Association Criticized for Role on Treaty Rights."
January 16, pp.
         3A, 6A.
1990b    "Study: Racism Main Factor in Treaty Tension."
18, p. LA.
1990c    "Neighbors Practice Tolerance, Respect." January
29, pp.
IA, 2A.
1990d    "Spearfishing Important to Culture, Maulson Says."
4, pp. IA, 2A.
1990e    "'Simple' Treaty Solution Starts with Snacks."
March 15,
pp. IB, 2B.
1990f    "Equal Rights: PARR Co-Founder Explains Stand."
8, pp. IA, 2A.
1990g    "Chippewa Women Face Fear at Landings." April
21, pp.
IA, 2A.
1990h    "Crabb to Hear Arguments Regarding Timber Rights."
14, p. lB.
1990i    "Judge: Bands Can't Sue Over Denial of Rights"
12, pp. IA, 2A.
1990j    "Official Says Ruling Fits into State Plan." October
pp. IA, 2A.
1991     "Timber Cutting Not in the Rights." February 24,
p. 3C.
Edwards, A{braham}.
1826     Copy of the Journal of Proceedings under the Treaty of Fond Du Lac,
as Noted
         by the Secretary, August 2-7. Thomas L. McKenney, Sketches of a
Tour to the
         Lakes, of the Character and Customs of the Chippeway Indians, and
of Incidents
         Connected with the Treaty of Fond Du Lac. Baltimore: Fielding, Lucas,
         Appendix, pp. 457-76.
Elliott, Richard R.
1896     "The Chippewas of Lake Superior." American Catholic
Review 21
         (82): 354-73.
Equal Rights for Everyone.
1984     Transcript of Meeting Held at Sawyer County Courthouse, Hayward,
         February 10. (Courtesy of the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Tribal

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