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Haywood, Carl N. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 75 (1987)

Rudsam, Lars G.; Trapp, Todd W.
Diel patterns of behavior and habitat utilization of cisco (Coregonus artedii) in two Wisconsin lakes,   pp. 70-78 PDF (3.4 MB)

Page 75

Die! Patterns of Cisco 
 0- — 
 1428 — 1435 
 10-N - 41/ 
 ~ 4 
 ~ r_i~1 / 
 20- __ 1 1 
0 r. 
 - 2005-2014 
 0---- -- 
Fig. 3. Sonar charts from 14-15 July 1981 from Pallette Lake, Wisconsin.
The weather was overcast and calm with light rain. Sunset was at 1945 CST.
Each transect is approximately 500 m long. 
both lakes. This can also be observed in Pallette Lake in 1969-70 (Engel
and other Wisconsin lakes (Big Muskellunge Magnuson 1976) but did not occur
in that and Sparkling Lake, Vilas Co.; Lake lake in July 1981. 
Mendota, Dane Co., Rudstam 1983). These observations show that the horiHowever,
day distributions differed both zontal migration pattern described by between
the two lakes and between cisco Engel and Magnuson (1976) was not an age
groups. Three patterns were observed: isolated occurrence. But neither is
did (1) fish dispensed and distributed across horizontal migration the mule
for cisco. the lake (olden cisco in Trout Lake), (2) Changes in the open
water fish commufish schooled and distributed across the nity of Pallette
Lake between 1969-70 and lake (Pallette Lake), and (3) fish schooled 1981
indicate the possible importance of and distributed closer to shone (younger
inter-specific interactions in regulating fish in Trout Lake). No did vertical
did migration patterns. Lange numbers of migration was observed in either
lake. perch occurred pelagically in Pallette Younger cisco in Trout Lake
moved Lake in 1969-70, when cisco migrated toward the shore at dawn and into
the horizontally. These perch had an opposite middle of the lake at dusk.
A similar did movement to cisco, toward the shore horizontal migration was
observed in at dusk and back to the pelagic zone at 

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