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Haywood, Carl N. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 75 (1987)

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Nineteenth-Century Temperature Record 79 at Fort Howard, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Joseph M. Moran and Lee Somerville 
An analysis of monthly and annual mean temperatures suggests that recent
months and years in Green Bay were generally cooler than the 1820s and 1830s.
This paper, which is a study of the early record keeping and thermometer
locations as well as differences in methods of computation of mean temperatures,
casts doubt on this assumption. The study indicates that comparisons of earlier
temperature records with modern ones are probably invalid. 
The Status of Canada Lynx in Wisconsin, 1865-1980 90 Richard P. Thiel 
Richard Thiel investigates the question of whether or not there is or has
been a permanent lynx community in Wisconsin. All lynx specimens deposited
in museums from Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin were studied, as well
as such factors as lynx vulnerability, lack of adequate remote habitat, and
the role Lake Superior plays in prohibiting direct migrations of lynx from
The Flora of Wisconsin, Preliminary Report No. 69. 97 Euphorbiaceae—The
Spurge Family 
James W. Richardson, Derek Burch, and Theodore S. Cochrane 
This is part of a continuing, long-time study of the flora of Wisconsin.
Euphorbiaceae is one of the largest families of flowering plants containing
300 genera and at least 7,000 species. The present paper revises earlier
treatments of Euphorbiaceae and is based on specimens deposited in herbaria
throughout Wisconsin. 

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