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Haywood, Carl N. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume 75 (1987)

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Wisconsin Death March: Explaining the Extremes in Old Northwest Indian Removal
James A. Clifton 
A study of attempts by governmental officials to force the Lake Superior
Chippewa Indians off their lands in Northern Wisconsin and Michigan's 
Upper Peninsula. The event, which ended in disaster, is placed in the broad
political, economic, religious, and patronage context. 
The Aquatic Macrophyte Community 41 of Black Earth Creek, Wisconsin 
Roy Bouchard and John D. Madsen 
This is a study of the aquatic macrophyte, which comprise an important component
of stream ecosystems. Data regarding the macrophyte community of Black Earth
Creek, Wisconsin, collected in 1981 and 1985, are compared. The authors specifically
studied the effects on the macrophyte biomass of the inflow from a sewage
treatment plant. 
Edgar B. Gordon: Teacher to a Million 57 Anthony L. Barresi 
WHA is commonly acknowledged to be the oldest American radio station in continual
usage. In 1921 Edgar Gordon began a music program broadcast over that station
that eventually evolved into what was likely the first media instruction
in the nation. This is a study of the extraordinary man who literally taught
a million students via this program. 
Notes from the Notebooks of Cabin #3 67 Bruce Taylor 
A poem based on material contained in a series of "guestbooks"
found in a
rental cabin in a small resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior. 
Diel Patterns of Behavior and Habitat Utilization 70 of Cisco (Coregonus
artedii) in Two Wisconsin Lakes 
Lars G. Rudstam and Todd W. Trapp 
In the examination of diel patterns of behavior and habitat utilization of
cisco, it was discovered that both differed between lakes and among age groups.
While no diel vertical migration was observed, it was noted that smaller
fish in one lake moved toward the shore during dawn and offshore during dusk.
It was further discovered that cisco probably fed both day and night with
only a small difference in diet between younger and older fish. 

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