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Juday, Chancey (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XXI (1924)

Ulrich, E. O.
Notes on new names in table of formations and on physical evidence of breaks between paleozoic systems in Wisconsin,   pp. [71]-107 ff. PDF (13.3 MB)

Page 107

Ulrich-Paleozoic Systems in Wisconsin.        1
limy deposits that must, on the basis of thickness alone, rank the
Ozarkian among the most important of the Paleozoic systems.
   In North America the Ozarkian system has as good or a better
foundation in its diastrophic history, volume and character of de-
posits, and in its distinctive faunas than have the Silurian, De-
-vonian, Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic systems, most of which are
generally-accepted by stratigraphers.
   In the matter of areal distribution also, especially when we con-
sider the fact that as one of the oldest of the Paleozoic systems its
rocks are likely to be largely buried beneath younger sediments,
the Ozarkian compares favorably with other Paleozoic systems.
Rocks of its age are now definitely recognized as outcropping in
New York, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Vir-
ginia, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin,
Minnesota, Oklahoma, central and western Texas, Colorado, Idaho,
Nevada, and, through the explorations of Walcott, in British Co-
lumbia. By means of deep wells this already very widely demon-
strated areal distribution doubtelss will be extended to other
States. Moreover, there are good reasons for believing that the
system is represented also in Quebec and Newfoundland and on the
other side of the Atlantic by the Tremadoe in Great Britain and
perhaps in other European countries. For the present, however,
-certain very real difficulties, which always are encountered in the
endeavor to correlate fossil shore and bottom faunas of widely sepa-
rated provinces, forbid more definite statements regarding the possi-
ble and probable representatives of the Ozarkian on other than the
North American continent.

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