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Beatty, Arthur. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XVIII, Part II (1916)

List of officers and members, corrected to January 1, 1917,   pp. 732-753 PDF (5.7 MB)

Page 749

                        List of Members.                      749
WHITSON, ANDREW ROBINSON,                    Route 7, Madison
    B. S. (Chicago). Professor of Soils and Drainage, University of Wiscon-
         sin; FMeld Agent, United States Department of Agriculture.
WHYTE, WILLIAM      F.,             1108 Garfield St., Madison
    M. D.   Physician. President, State Board of Health of Wisconsin.
WILSON, H. F.,                       425 Sterling PI., Madison
      Professor of Economic -Entomology, University of Wisconsin.
WINCHELL, ALEXANDER N.,           200 Prospect Ave., Madison
    B. S. and M. S. (University of Minnesota); D. Sc. (University Paris)
       Professor of Mineralogy and Petrology, University of Wisconsin,
            Geologist, Oregon Bureau of Mines and Geology.
WOLFENSON, LOUIS B.,            1113 W. Dayton St., Madison
    Assistant Professor of Hebrew and Hellenistic Greek, University of
WOLL, FRITZ WILHELM,                               Davis, Calif.
    B. S., Ph. B. (Christiana); M. S., Ph. D. (Wisconsin). Professor in the
                  California State Agricultural College.
                                    284 Martin St., Milwaukee
    A. B., A. M. (Toronto); B. D. (Nashotah); Ph. D. Kansas City);
    Clergyman; Canon, Milwaukee Cathedral; Secretary, Diocese of
               Milwaukee; Librarian, Diocesan Library.
YOUNG, KARL,                            433 Lake St., Madison
   A. B. (Michigan); A. M. and Ph. D. (Harvard). - Professor of English,
                       University of Wisconsin.
                              2006 Chadbourne Ave., Madison
   Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of Wisconsin.
           International Harvester Corporation, Chicago, Ill.
     B. S., M. E. (Wisconsin). International Harvester Corporation.
ABBOTT, CHARLES CONRAD,                          Trenton, N. J.
                         M. D. (Pennsylvania).
ARMSBY, HENRY PRENTISS,                      State College, Pa.
   B. S. (Worcester Polytechnic); Ph.-B., Ph. D. (Yale); LL. D. (Wiscon-
       sin). Director of Institute of Animal Nutrition; Expert in
         Animal Nutrition, United States Department of Agriculture.
M                 I

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