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Skinner, Ernest B. (ed.) / Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XV, Part I (1904)

Marshall, Wm. S.
The reproductive organs of the female maia moth, Hemileuca maia (Drury),   pp. [1]-Plate II ff. PDF (3.9 MB)

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14    Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters.
                   EXPLANATION OF PLATE II.
Fig. 9. Longitudinal section through wall of receptaculum seminis,
            smaller part. x 800. '
Fig. 10. Longitudinal section through the tip of its smaller part. The
            structure of the tubular appendix is similar to this figure.
            x 800.
Fig. 11. Longitudinal section of the receptaculum seminis, larger part.
            x 800.
Fig. 12. Section of wall of seminal receptacle where the two parts pass
            into each other. Epithelial cells of the smaller part are
            much longer than those of the larger part. x 250.
Fig. 13. Longitudinal section of bursa copulatrix. a, inner surface.
            x 800.
Fig. 14. Section of wall of cement gland near distal end. Just under
            the chitinous layer, ch., are two small nuclear-like bodies
            which, with the chitinous 'layer, are represented in the fol-
            lowing figure. x 600.
Fig. 15. Surface view of chitinous layer showing markings as if of a,
            division into cells. The nuclear-like bodies and markings
            may belong to some layer just under "the chitin, only
            nuclei of which are seen in the section. x 800.
Fig. 16. Wall of cement gland near its proximal end. The epithelial
            cells show near their free ends peculiar bodies somewhat
            resembling those seen in the' tip of the receptaculum sem-
            inis, Fig. 10. x 600.
Fig. 17. Single epithelial cell from proximal end of cement gland just
            before its enlargement. Between the margin of the nu-
            cleus and the free end of the cell is seen the peculiar body
            from which a duct leads out through teh layer of chitin.
            x 800.
Fig. 18. Longitudinal section through last part, reservoir, of cement
            gland. A small portion of the secretion which fills this
            reservoir is shown. X 800.
Fig. 19. Longitudinal section through wall of the vagina. x 250.
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