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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XII, Part II (1899)

Chandler, Charles H.
The inter-generation period,   pp. [499]-504 PDF (2.2 MB)

Page 504

Chandler-The Inter- Generation Period.
it is evidnet that the first and the last of the ten generations
are sadly incomplete; and, if these be omitted, the mean period
rises to 32.1.
   In the preparation of this paper considerable search has been
made for lines extending through a larger number of generations
than any that are here shown, but it has had very indifferent
success. Such lines of descent, when claimed for families of the
commonalty, usually present doubtful points of connection, and
rest under suspicion of being due to more or less of ingenious
fabrication; and, while royal and noble lines are to be found,
such lines of course are generally along the older branches of
the family, and so give a period much shorter than the true
one, although the tendency in such lines to follow descent through
sons counteracts this in part. The line from William the Con-
queror to Queen Victoria offers an illustration.  It covers
twenty-five or twenty-seven periods, according to the ancestral
line which is followed, and gives a mean period of 31.7 or 29.3
  Perhaps a fair summary of the results of the work presented
in this paper may be thus stated. The more nearly complete
the record of births in each generation and the greater the num-
ber of generations included in the examination, apparently the
greater is the tendency to a mean period of one-third of a cen-
  Ripon, Wis., December, 1898.
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