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Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
volume XII, Part II (1899)

Harper, Robert A.
Nuclear phenomena in certain stages in the development of the smuts,   pp. [475]-Plate IX ff. PDF (8.4 MB)

Page [475]

                     WITH PLATES VIII AND IX.
                     ROBERT A. HARPER,
              Professor of Botany, University of Wisconsin.
  The economic significance of the smuts, together with the un-
certainty as to their relationships, has made them almost con-
stantly objects of investigation both from the practical and the
more purely theoretical standpoint. The older literature is cited
fully in papers by Tulasnel and DeBary.  The germination of
the smut spores of various species in water was first accurately
observed and figured by Tulasne, DeBary, and the latter's pupil,
Fischer von Waldheim, 3 whose excellent paper developed the
knowledge of the spore formation and germination for a co'n-
siderable series of forms into practically the condition in which
it remains today. Brefeld4 has continued and extended our
knowledge of the germination of the spores in artificial media.
His work is practically exhaustive so far as the external mor-
phology of the forms is concerned, and his vast series of plates
illustrating the stages in germination and the saprophytic
growth of all the principal genera and species are models of
  All the authors mentioned and many others have observed and
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